A 100-Driver Poll

Number of years behind the wheel:

One year or less: 16
One to five years: 27
Six to ten years: 9
Ten to twenty years: 21
Twenty-plus years: 7

Have you ever been in an accident?

82: No/Not Telling
18: Yes

What should the city do to relieve traffic?

Enforce pedestrian laws: 27
Enforce double-parking laws: 25
Congestion pricing: 11
Eliminate bike and bus lanes: 2
Force businesses to make deliveries at night: 2
Allow taxis to use the bus lane: 1

“UPS, Post Office, and FedEx trucks are the worst; they don’t respect nothing.”

How do you feel about passengers hooking up in your cab?

35: Disgusting
“People think it’s a motel.”

5: Kinda hot
“What would New York be without a little voyeurism?”

50: Who cares so long as they’re clean?
“And give me a good tip.”

Have you ever been mugged?

No: 76
Yes: 20

The average tip:

5%: 8
10%: 12
15%: 10
20%: 19
25%: 3
30%: 2

Who are the best tippers?

“Older white women.”

“Englishmen, Jews, and Italians.”

“Waitresses and busboys.”

“The one percent.”


Less than $25,000: 3
$25,000–$30,000: 10
$31,000–$40,000: 11
$41,000–$59,000: 7
$60,000–$79,000: 9
More than $80,000: 1

When passengers ask where you’re from …

I get annoyed: 15
I don’t mind: 74

Do you ever flick your lights off when you don’t want to pick up a certain fare?

No: 63
Yes: 12

“The people I don’t like taking drunk is the ladies. They start hitting on me, and it gets a little annoying.”

What’s the wildest thing you’ve ever seen?

Vomiting, fights, drugs: 6
“Kids slide down in the seat and start powdering their noses! And I say, ‘Hey, you said you wanted to go to the 71st Precinct, right?’ And they all perk up, ‘No, no! We’re so sorry! You want some?’ ”

Sex: 30
“You pick up a couple, and now you’re only seeing a guy staring at you with a mean look on his face, like you’re not supposed to be looking. Hello! You’re in my car, dude.”

Three-way hookups: 2

Nothing exciting: 4
“The day shift is boring. Folks just pick their nose.”

Do you start conversations?

42: Yes
24: No
31: Depends on my mood

How do you handle confrontation?

“With a smile.”

“Remain calm.”

“Get them out of the cab—Pleasantly.”

“I don’t let anyone mess with me.”

Do you take taxis yourself?

25: No
70: Yes

“But I can’t afford the fare.”

The worst thing you’ve ever done to a passenger:

“Curse him because he asked to go to Brooklyn.”

“Drive into a light pole.”

“Pass a black lady for a white lady a few feet away.”

The worst thing a passenger has ever done to you:

“Not paid.”

“Yelled at me for driving too slowly.”

“Called me a thief.”

“Spit on me.”

“Kicked the cab.”

“Peed in the cab.”

“Pulled out a Rambo knife and tried to kill me.”

How often do passengers vomit in the cab?

All the time:14
Occasionally: 34
Never: 11

“Today a U.K. lady did it outside on the sidewalk.”

Did they clean it up?

“I wish.”

“Never. I keep cleaning supplies in the trunk.”

The best neighborhoods for fares:

Because of the tourists.

Lower East Side
Because of the tourists, the drunks, and the Brooklynites.

Financial district
Because of the tourists and suits.

Not every respondent answered every question.

A 100-Driver Poll