Trash from Surf Avenue in Coney Island.Photo: Bobby Doherty/New York Magazine

Eli Elysée of Black Hole 929 Studio
“Resembles a manual coffee grinder. Remove the crank and it doubles as a stool. Perks include handles for easy carrying and viewing chambers for observing the natural processes.”

Sagi Golan, Vanessa Espaillat, and Scott Archer of the Urban Design Lab at Columbia
“The spiral bin has separate depositories for sorting compostby the chemical elements they produce: potassium (fruit and nuts), nitrogen (coffee grounds and eggshells), phosphorous (wood ash and fish), and carbon (corn). Urban farms and gardens then order the ‘blend’ they need. The bins are placed in existingtree pits so they don’t take up additional sidewalk space.”

Photo: Spencer Platt/Getty Images (Bloomberg); Ryan McVay/Getty Images (Metal trash can); Getty Images (Carrots). Illustration by Peter Arkle.

Luke Hayman of Pentagram
“Compost bin meets cultural icon. Bin lids would be shaped like Bloomberg’s head: Lift the lid by grabbing his hair, then stuff his mouth with compost. Republicans can choke him with uneaten foie gras; Dems can make ‘daily offerings’ of organic veggies and fair-trade coffee grounds.”

Adam Paskow of Quirky
“Installed in place of a parking meter, this bin generates ‘fuel’ for hybrid vehicles. Drivers who add compost park for free.”

Klaus Rosburg of Sonic Design Solutions
“The airtight, lockable cover is inspired by a diaper bin and keeps out rodents and bugs. Because the design has wheels and a pull handle, no bag is necessary.”