Fall Preview 2008: Books

Toni Morrison’s History Lesson

Here They Come Again…

The Semi-Gothic Debut Novelist: Hannah Tinti

Amitav Ghosh’s Floating Berlitz Tape

Who Conserved Herring?

Bolaño’s Best for Last?

Alcoholic Unanonymous!

Vulture’s Recommend-o-Matic: Books

Marilynne Robinson’s Homecoming

The Season in Books

That “Laura Bush” Novel…

A novel about slavery in which race is almost incidental. John Updike and Philip Roth tackle living with the consequences of destructive choices this fall. “One of my first jobs was working at the witch dungeon, basically a basement filled with torture devices used on witches.” More fun than learning a new language: Reading one. Match the subject to the biography. The posthumous literary superstar has one final novel yet to appear in English. And it could be his greatest. This summer, David Carr proved the troubled-times memoir was alive and kicking. Now here come three more books tackling addiction or mental illness. Who are your favorite writers? She returns to the town of Gilead with Home. New works from Anne Roiphe, Malcolm Gladwell, Annie Proulx, and more. Maybe you’ve heard a little something about Curtis Sittenfeld’s American Wife.

Fall Preview 2008: Books