And Now for Some Fresher (But Still Pasty!) Faces …

Photo: Dave M. Benett/Getty Images

Of the bands the British music press goes berserk about, few make much of an impression here in the United States (Kooks? Kills? Klaxons?). But this year’s contender, Scotland’s Glasvegas, deserves a better fate. Led by a singer schooled in the artful slurring of Joe Strummer, Glasvegas adds a touch of fifties doo-wop to peals of fuzzed-up post-punk guitars. The songs are gritty urban tales of social workers and knife fights, and the melodies are strong enough to keep their shape amid a spacious sonic landscape. Glasvegas’s self-titled debut is out September 8, and they’ll be on a short tour of the States this fall, supporting Echo and the Bunnymen and headlining the Mercury Lounge on October 4.

And Now for Some Fresher (But Still Pasty!) Faces […]