Fall Preview 2008: Theater

Sexed-Up Chekhov When they wanted virile, they called in Peter Sarsgaard.

Top Girl Elizabeth Marvel on rats in the theater (human and otherwise).

The Equines of Equus A chat with Daniel Radcliffe’s six onstage companions.

This Could Drive a Person Crazy After a decade’s gestation and four titles, Stephen Sondheim’s Road Show finally rolls into town.

TomKat Takes Manhattan Tom Cruise recalls the fall he and Katie Holmes spent in New York.

Billy Elliot: The Musical: The Primer There’s often a question, when a hit show comes over from London, of whether it’ll translate from the British.

Raúl Esparza, Always Grateful Raúl Esparza is headed into Speed-the-Plow, David Mamet’s ferocious comedy about Hollywood hustling.

Vulture’s Recommend-o-Matic Scientology or Sondheim?

The Season in Theater A Tale of Two Cities, Mandy Patinkin in The Tempest, and more.

Fall Preview 2008: Theater