Party Down?

My Favorite Party
(The Standard Hotel, 848 Washington St., nr. 13th St.)
Le Bain’s Wednesday party is inimitably sexy at the moment, but a rooftop is only as hot as the weather is warm.
Odds of survival: 25-1

Timmy’s Party
(Call Box, 148 Kingsland Ave., nr. Lombardy St., Greenpoint)
The reggae-classic-hip-hop mashup draws a crowd with ever-wandering eyes. One errant rumor—“I heard there’s a new country night at Commodore!”— and Timmy’s gets jilted.
Odds of survival: 15-1

2 for 1 Tuesdays
(Matchless, 557 Manhattan Ave., at Driggs Ave., Williamsburg)
Like nautical stripes, Matchless has swung back into vogue, this time as a tattoo-friendly meat market on Tuesdays. Cruise while the cruising’s good.
Odds of survival: 10-1

(Bedlam, 40 Ave. C, nr. 3rd St.)
With Beige gone, Mousse is the Saturday-night power-gay party—unless Westway’s upcoming gay night steals its crown.
Odds of survival: 7-1

Madame Wong’s
(Jobee Chinese Cuisine, 3 Howard St., nr. Center St.)
When it finally opens, Le Baron should divert this pop-up’s most-prized guests, but Wong’s will still host the good-looking overflow.
Odds of survival: 3-1

Spencer’s Gifts
(Santos Party House; 96 Lafayette St., nr. Walker St.)
Ten dollars, two floors, one performance piece, and a smoke machine: This Friday-night mainstay isn’t going anywhere.
Odds of survival: even

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Party Down?