Go Gaga

Photo: Getty Images; Melissa Hom

Hard Rock Gaga
This leopard-and-leather ensemble evokes eighties rocker flair. Top it with a curly blonde mane from Ricky’s ($19.99).

Black aviator sunglasses, $45 at Screaming Mimi’s; studded motorcycle vest, $37.80 at Forever 21; long-sleeve one-shoulder tunic, $36 at Topshop; leopard-print hip-hugger briefs, $16 at Victoria’s Secret; Susie plain stretch thigh-high boots, $39.99 at Ricky’s.

Photo: Getty Images; Melissa Hom

Fashion Week Gaga
For Fashion Week in New York, Gaga hit the red carpet in high-drama style, pairing a jeweled minidress with a studded mask.

Black feathered Bondbon, $130 at Hats by Selima Atelier; spider studded eye mask, $5.99 at Halloween Adventure; Nom de Plume white cotton motorcycle jacket, $58 at Urban Outfitters; studded black tube dress, $27.80 at Forever 21; fingerless gloves (which come in a set with motorcycle hat on page five), $14.99 at Ricky’s.

Photo: Melissa Hom; LadyGaga.com/Streamline Records

“Love Game” Gaga
In this leather-jacket-and-studded-panties combo from the “Love Game” video, Gaga writhed around a subway car and started a dance party in a parking garage. You can only hope your Halloween is as eventful.

Black leather motorcycle jacket, $250 at Screaming Mimi’s (or sub the Forever 21 studded motorcycle vest on page one, $37.80, for a thriftier option); Silence and Noise zip-up bodysuit, $14.99 at Urban Outfitters; black studded bikini briefs, $50 at Screaming Mimi’s; diamond disco stick, $25 at Screaming Mimi’s.

Photo: Splash News; Melissa Hom

Avant-garde Gaga
Perhaps one of our favorite Gaga incarnations, complete with an umbrella and geishalike black lipstick.

Totes purse umbrella, $15 at Target; cavalier hat, $19.99 at Halloween Adventure; sunglasses, $45 at Screaming Mimi’s; black bustier, $17.80 at Forever 21; jacquard blazer, $90 at Topshop; wide three-buckle belt, $7.80 at Forever 21.

Photo: Getty Images; Melissa Hom

Biker-Chic Gaga
The omnipresent motorcycle hat—a favorite Gaga accessory—paired with a jean vest and fishnets.

Motorcycle hat (comes in a set with gloves on page two), $14.99 at Ricky’s; sunglasses, $45 at Screaming Mimi’s; sleeveless denim vest, $25 at H&M; Silence and Noise zip-up bodysuit, $14.99 at Urban Outfitters; spandex fishnet panty hose, $9.99 at Ricky’s.

Photo: Getty Images; www.the-imagined.net

Girly Gaga
No Gaga costume would be complete without the infamous hair bow. This synthetic clip-on version comes in six shades, from bleached blonde to pastel pink.

Gaga for Gaga Hairbow by Imagined, $14 at Etsy.com.

Go Gaga