Devilish Drinks

The pumpkin-pie cocktail captures the flavor and color of Halloween.Photo: Melissa Hom

Autumn Punch (View Recipe)
Gramercy Tavern’s party-ready punch blends sugar and spice to create a cocktail for refined palates. Sherry and sparkling wine lend sweetness, but it’s balanced by heady notes of candied grapefruit and star anise.

Blood Martini (View Recipe)
Originally served at now-shuttered Speak, this drink manages to be more than just a great sight gag thanks to a unique ingredient. Vodka, orange juice, and triple sec are common enough, but you’ll have to grab some beets and get out the juicer to achieve the right shade of red—and a flavor that stands out from your average cocktail.

Hot Buttered Rum (View Recipe)
Though it’s admittedly rich, Death & Co.’s cold-weather cocktail is an exercise in necessary decadence. Heat butter, cream, cinnamon, and rum together for a warming drink that begs to be made until spring arrives.

Pumpkin-Pie Cocktail (View Recipe)
For those who enjoy dessert in cocktail form, it’s hard to miss with this tribute to the seasonal favorite originally crafted at the Carnegie Club. Just shake vanilla-flavored vodka, pumpkin schnapps, and some cream together and then top it off with nutmeg in a martini glass.

Big Apple Cobbler (View Recipe)
Why bob for apples when you can have a taste of the fall harvest in a glass? As they used to at Libation, take your favorite apple cider and add bourbon, apple schnapps, and ginger ale, and be sure to garnish with slices of a ripe Braeburn or McIntosh.

Punkin’ Ale Shake (View Recipe)
For a treat that satisfies a sweet tooth, add vanilla ice cream to a seasonal pumpkin beer to create a memorable shake that was originally served at Schnäck. Top it off with chocolate syrup and a cherry for that extra sugar rush.

Mulled Cider With Spiced Butter (View Recipe)
Give apple cider a kick by adding cognac and homemade spiced butter, the same way it’s served at Flatiron Lounge. For extra effect, leave it on the stove all day to fill your home with the irresistible smell of orange and cloves.

Butternut & Falernum (View Recipe)
Pumpkins play a starring role on Halloween, but don’t overlook squash when it comes to your holiday beverages. With a little bit of work and this recipe from wd~50, you can turn the tasty butternut into an even tastier libation, with the addition of rum, nutmeg, and brown sugar.

Devilish Drinks