Ghoulish Goods

Photographs by Melissa Hom and Jed Egan

L.A. Burdick Halloween graveyard, $56.
Chocolate coffin assortment, two hand-decorated Harvard Square “headstones,” five chocolate ghosts, and two chocolate bats. Photo: Jed Egan

Bond Street Chocolate 3D skulls, $14 each; silver fangs, $10 each. Photo: Melissa Hom

Eleni’s Haunted House cookie set, $65. Photo: Melissa Hom

Li-Lac Chocolates Large witch, $25; ghost pop, $1.85; bat pop, $3.75; pumpkin pop, $1.85; pumpkin witch pop, $4.25; solid chocolate pumpkin, $16. Photo: Melissa Hom

Lindt Trick or Treat bucket, $25. Photo: Melissa Hom

Sockerbit Halloween candy, $12.99 per pound; set of 6 glitter spiders, $7.45; jingle spiders, $5.45 each. Photo: Melissa Hom

Martine’s Chocolates Bat, $8.99; tarantula, $10.25; ghost, $9.25; Batman, $8.75; creepy cat, $12.50; marzipan pumpkins, $3.35 each. Photo: Melissa Hom

Max Brenner Assorted Halloween pralines, $12.50. Photo: Melissa Hom

Ghoulish Goods