Get in Costume

Catwoman Suit, $250

19 W. 21st St., bet. Fifth and Sixth Aves.; 212-627-5194;
If it’s been in a movie this year, you’ll find it at Abracadabra. The Halloween emporium specializes in sci-fi and fantasy, with over 3,000 masks and 50,000 costumes—any era, any medium, any whatever. Plus, you can get what you want delivered within a week.
Accessories: Wigs, hats, props, masks, make-up and shoes
Most Popular: Pimps, prostitutes, superheroes, and Zorro
Kid-Friendly: Yes

Creative Costume Company
242 W. 36th St., 8th fl, bet. Seventh and Eighth Aves.; 212-564-5552;
This garment-district shop is packed with stage-worthy attire and couple-friendly costumes: Scarlett and Rhett, Marie Antoinette and Louis XVI, even bottle-blonde Jeannie and Major Nelson. Costume rentals run from $35 to $300 for the week of Halloween.
Accessories: Wigs, hats and shoes
Most Popular: Belly dancers, period costumes, and Zorro
Kid-Friendly: No

Frank Bee Costume
3435 E. Tremont Ave., near Bruckner Blvd. (The Bronx); 718-823-9792;
In business since 1957, this megastore claims to have the largest costume selection in the universe. And with its stock traversing more than 60 categories like “Superheroes and Villains” and “The Roaring Twenties,” that very well might be true. They have the basics absolutely covered, with more than 20 devil costumes alone, and offer a huge selection of offbeat outfits too: the Pilsbury Doughboy and TV’s Mr. Bill. For those having touble finding the perfect fit, sizes extend to XXXXL.
Accessories: Wigs, masks, capes, make-up, hats and props
Most Popular: Couple costumes (plug and socket, nut and bolt), Fantastic Four, The Incredibles, princesses, Spiderman, and various characters from Star Wars
Kid-Friendly: Yes

Shrek Mask, $39.99

Halloween Adventure
104 Fourth Ave., at 11th St.; 212-673-4546;
Boasting the most square-footage of any Halloween shop in Manhattan, Adventure is a mecca for aspiring ghouls, superhero impostors, and faux fairy tale princesses. (They even have costumes for your pets.) Prices range from $29.99 to $1,000.
Accessories: Wigs, hats, shoes, jewelry, props, masks, and make-up
Most Popular: Batman, Fantastic Four, Harry Potter, Spiderman and various characters from Star Wars
Kid-Friendly: Yes

Havin’ a Party Limited
9520 Ave. L, bet. 95th and 96th Sts. (Brooklyn); 718-251-0500;
This outer-borough party supply store offers hundreds of costumes for sale and rent as well as dozens of masks that range from the traditionally scary (Jason, Chucky) to the unexpectedly so (Barbara Streisand, Howard Stern). The shop is also the go-to location for pimp attire that can be customized with rings, chains and gold teeth along with your suit, hat and cane.
Accessories: Wigs, shoes, masks, jewelry and make-up
Most Popular: Pimp
Kid-Friendly: Yes

Political Masks, $27 each

Paramount Party Supplies
52 W. 29th St.; bet. Broadway and Sixth Ave.; 212-696-9664
Paramount caters to the emerging politico in all of us. The modest novelty shop features reasonably-priced politician masks, plus wall-to-wall accessories. Check out their collection of classic gag items like chattering teeth.
Accessories: Masks, props, jewelry, and make-up
Most Popular: Fantastic Four, The Incredibles, and Spiderman
Kid-Friendly: Yes

Party City
12 locations in all five boroughs;
This national discount party store has lots of basic costumes such as firefighters for children and doctors for adults, with a few wacky options thrown in for good measure. Some may find the blackjack dealer a little awkward for dancing considering the table attached.
Accessories: Masks
Most Popular: Belle, Cinderella, clown, The Incredibles, pirate, Power Rangers, Snow White, teen Goth vampire
Kid-Friendly: Yes

Multiple locations,
These glammed-out drug stores turned costume shops are a drag queen’s dream. Choose from their wide selection of hair dyes, costume embellishments and off-the-wall novelty items. The chain’s Lil’ Ricky’s location (1372 First Ave., bet. 73rd and 74th Sts.; 212-452-4628) stocks costumes for children.
Accessories: Wigs, make-up, and masks
Most Popular: Willy Wonka, Strawberry Shortcake, and Rainbow Brite
Kid-Friendly: Lil’ Ricky’s only

Rubie’s Costume Company
120-08 Jamaica Ave. (Queens); 718-846-1008;
If you’re looking to make dressing up a family affair—from the Queen of Hearts for mom to a beauty queen for Dad (yes, sizes accomodate)—head to Rubie’s. The company manufactures and maintains an inventory of 15,000 wigs, full costumes, and accessories—there are even options for your four-legged friends. Spend $65 to $150 on a Rubie’s rental get-up, or opt for a custom job.
Accessories: Wigs, hats, masks, and shoes
Most Popular: Batman, Darth Vader, ninja, princess, scarecrow, and vampire
Kid-Friendly: Yes

Also for your consideration…

Allan Uniform Rental
121 East 24th St., 7th fl, bet. Park Ave. So. and Lexington Ave.; 212-529-4655;
Perfect for aspiring doormen, bellhops, custodians and security guards, Allan’s carries top quality uniforms along with tuxedo shirts and high-collared jackets. Doorman uniforms are available to rent or purchase; shirts and jackets are for sale only. Prices for rentals range from $85 to $300.
Accessories: Hats, gloves, and props
Our Pick: Chef
Kid-Friendly: No

Craft Clerical Clothes
247 W. 37th St., 17th fl, bet. Seventh and Eighth Aves.; 212-764-6122;
Frequented by costumers from SNL, Law and Order, and a host of aspiring Edith Heads, this shop stocks the real deal in Catholic school uniforms, clerical garb, and judicial robes.
Accessories: Hats
Our Picks: Priest’s shirt and collar
Kid-Friendly: No

Western Spirit
395 Broadway, at Walker St.; 212-343-1476;
Invoking the spirit is what this high-end shop is all about so why not pioneer into cowboy garb? At Western Spirit, you can get in touch with your inner wrangler via cushy moccasins, ten-gallon hats, holstered belts and coon-skin caps.
Accessories: Hats, shoes, and belts
Our Picks: Navajo with Authentic headdress
Kid-Friendly: Yes

Get in Costume