Brilliant Disguises

(Photo: Gregg Segal for TIME (Paul Ryan), Jed Egan (costumes))

Paul Ryan
Love him or hate him, let’s face it: The GOP vice-presidential candidate’s muscles are non-partisan. To replicate his now-infamous Time Magazine shoot, dress in your standard workout gear (T-shirt, shorts, backwards red cap), but top it off with some iron to pump and his trademark smile-frown. Don’t forget your water.

Cap, $29, T-shirt, $22, American Apparel; Athletic shorts, $24.99, Kohl’s; Weight, $5, Ricky’s.

(Photo: Helen Sloan/HBO (Daenerys Targaryen), Melissa Hom (costume))

Daenerys Targaryen
Ruthless, loyal, and strongwilled, Daenerys Targaryen was an easy favorite on HBO’s Game of Thrones. Channel her with a long flowing dress, white-blond wig, and silver bracelets. For the full effect, bring a dragon friend with you for the night.

Dress, $28, Ricky’s; Wig, $24.99, Spirit Halloween; Dragon, $11.99, Toys ‘R’ Us.

(Photo: Sesame Street (Big Bird), Melissa Hom (costume))

Fired Big Bird
The true star of the first presidential debate was Big Bird, who received massive media attention after Romney pledged to cut federal funding for PBS. If Romney’s elected, he might be on a rougher street. Update his traditional costume by adding some hobo accessories, like a red bandanna around your neck, a bowler hat, and all your belongings tied in a bindle.

Big Bird costume, $67.20, Ricky’s; Bandana, $2.99, Derby hat, $8.99, Spooky fabric, $9.99, Spirit Halloween.

(Photo: Interscope Records (video stills), Melissa Hom (costumes))

Azealia Banks
Earlier this year, the Youtube sensation clarified that she was no longer just a rapper—she considers herself a vocalist. Our own Nitsuh Abebe thinks that she’s a host, curator, importer, and stylist. Whatever she is, fashionable is at the top of the list. Replicate her look in “212“: Long locks (for extra credit, keep up with whatever tint they’re dyed this week) plaited into braids, a Mickey Mouse sweatshirt, and short shorts. For added AB glamour, try a dark berry lip color.

Wig, $39.99, Ricky’s; Sweater, $54, Shorts, $44, Urban Outfitters.

(Photo: Getty Images (Rafalca), Melissa Hom (costume))

He may not have won at the Olympics, but you can still win Halloween as Ann Romney’s dressage horse. Rafalca has a milk-chocolate coat, so keep it simple with a brown top and leggings, but accessorize your horse’s head mask with some Romney-worthy jewelry.

Shirt, $26, Leggings, $28, American Apparel; Necklace, $6.99, Feather boa, $9.99, Spirit Halloween; Horse’s head, $34.99, Halloween Adventure.

(Photo: Getty Images (One Direction), Melissa Hom (costumes))

One Direction
After gaining popularity on Britain’s The X Factor, One Direction cemented 2012’s return of the boy band. Capture their fun, playful style in brightly colored blazers and jeans. And make it easier on your friends to tell them apart with some key details: Niall’s the blonde, Harry wears bowties, Zayn has the mohawk, Louis prefers suspenders, and Liam has the old-school Bieber haircut.

From left to right:
Niall: Blazer, $59, Urban Outfitters;

(Photo: Claudette Barius/Warner Bros (Magic Mike), Melissa Hom (costumes))

Magic Mike
Even though the movie came out in June, we still refuse to get the image of Channing Tatum in a stripper outfit out of our heads. Go with a vest, cuffs, and collar, and make sure your black dress pants are easily removable.

Vest, $24.50; Ricky’s; Cuff and collar, $6.99, Spirit Halloween; Pants, $59, H&M.

Brilliant Disguises