Au Courant Costumes

Photo: Cover photo of Entertainment Weekly (Liberace and Thorson), Jed Egan (costumes)

Liberace and Scott Thorson
Behind the Candelabra was one of the most eye-popping films of the year (and the rightful winner of the Best Costumes Emmy). Perhaps you’ll win an award of your own as this couple. For Liberace, wear the most fabulous, sequined, bejeweled jacket you can find, but add even more sparkles to the vest underneath for good measure. With Scott, it’s fine to be a little more subtle, but be sure to include his driver’s hat.

Liberace: Sequin jacket, $325, sequin blazer, $98, sequin bow tie, $12, tuxedo pants, $110, at Screaming Mimi’s; Wig $18.99, at Spirit Halloween.
Scott: Sequin blazer, $98, go-go hat, $19, sequin bow tie, $12, tuxedo pants, $110, at Screaming Mimi’s.

Photo: Breaking Bad Wikia (Heisenberg), Jed Egan (costumes)

Yes, technically, Breaking Bad is over, but that doesn’t mean we have to let go. Honor the last few seasons of the masterpiece as Walter White’s alter ego, Heisenberg. Don a science-teacher-like plaid shirt and khakis, but add a black windbreaker, a pork pie hat, and dark sunglasses to make him more Scarface than Mr. Chips.

Hat, $13.99 at Ricky’s; Sunglasses, $9.99 at Spirit Halloween;Shirt, $34.99, Macy’s;Chinos, $49.95 at H&M;Windbreaker, $39 at American Apparel

Photo: Erich Schlegel for Getty (Davis), Jed Egan (costumes)

Senator Wendy Davis
This summer, Texas state senator Wendy Davis captured the attention of the nation during her epic eleven-hour filibuster to block legislation granting sweeping abortion restrictions—and her hot-pink sneakers began selling out all over. Now she’s back in the news for her gubernatorial bid, just in time to be your next Halloween costume. To channel her, wear a conservative yet fashionable dress, a long white coat, and, of course, a pair of attention-grabbing, civil-rights-fighting sneakers.

Coat, $179.98, and dress, $160, at Macy’s;Pearl necklace, $2.99 at Ricky’s;Running shoes, $100–$115 at Amazon.

Photo: Screenshot of "Wrecking Ball," courtesy of RCA Records (Cyrus), Jed Egan (costumes)

Miley Cyrus
With her buzz cut, now-infamous VMA performance, and new album Bangerz, Miley Cyrus took the year to remind us that she’s definitely “not a kid anymore.” Her VMAs outfit is bound to be a popular costume pick, but go for Miley’s version of “subtle and understated” from her “Wrecking Ball” video look. It’s simple enough: grab a cropped tank top, a pair of tighty whities, and a sledgehammer— though we do suggest layering a nude bodysuit underneath for some warmth (and modesty).

Tank top, $5.95, H&M; Briefs, $10, Bodysuit, $38, American Apparel; Sledgehammer, $14.99, Spirit Halloween.

(Photo: Raymond Hall for Getty (West), Larry Busacca for Getty (Kardashian), Jed Egan (costumes))

North West may have some competition from Prince George for most-talked-about celebrity baby of the year, but as far as parents go, no one caught more attention, or was more maternity fashion forward, than Kanye West and Kim Kardashian. Kim embraced her pregnancy and chose to wear form-fitting (and sometimes head-scratching) outfits throughout. While you can’t re-create her custom Givenchy glove-sleeved gown from the Met Ball, you can channel it with a head-to-toe floral number, like this jumpsuit from Urban Outfitters. (Size up a bit so you can stuff a pillow underneath for extra authenticity.) Add a long wig and a pair of paparazzi-shielding sunglasses to complete the look. Kanye’s been more understated, often mixing denim and leather; throw on a gold chain to complete his look.

Kim: Wig, $19.99 at Ricky’s; Jumpsuit, $198 at Urban Outfitters; Sunglasses, $5.99 at Spirit Halloween.
Kanye: Denim shirt, $54, and leather pants, $79 at Urban Outfitters; Chain, $9.99 at Ricky’s.

Photo: Screenshots from 'Orange of the New Black,' courtesy of Netflix (Piper and Red), Jed Egan (costumes)

Piper and Red From Orange Is the New Black
Nothing roped us in for binge-watching this year like Orange Is the New Black. Peel yourself away from the screen for a night and go out as either Piper or Red: For the former, try a prison jumpsuit, a simple center part, and, if you’re feeling gutsy, a contraband screwdriver that you forget about until the middle of the night. For Red, pair a crazy scarlet wig with a chef’s jacket.

Piper: Jumpsuit, $25.99 at Ricky’s; Screwdriver at $4.98, Lowe’s
.Red: Chef jacket, $32.99 at Ricky’s; Wig, $19.99 at Spirit Halloween; Chinos, $29.95 at H&M.

Au Courant Costumes