Double Up

Photo: Getty Images (Beyonce and Jay-Z), Melissa Hom (costumes)

Pregnant Beyoncé and Jay-Z
The world basically stopped turning when music’s power couple announced that a mini Bey-Jay was on the way. For Jay-Z’s look, keep it simple with a white T-shirt and his go-to Yankees hat. To get the full Beyoncé glow, pick a sparkly sequin number, add a baby bump (a regular pillow will do the trick), and top it off with a diva-worthy accessory, like a big faux fur. For extra points (or a midnight snack), pack some of Beyoncé’s oddball pregnancy cravings, like bananas with ketchup, to nibble on throughout the night.

Beyoncé: Sparkle dress, $88, and faux fur coat, $125, Screaming Mimi’s; Pillow, Ikea, $3.99.
Jay-Z: White T-shirt, American Apparel, $21; Jeans, Forever 21, $21.90; Yankees hat, Modell’s, $17.99; Aviators, Screaming Mimi’s, $60

Photo: Getty Images (Minaj and Wintour), Melissa Hom (costumes)

Anna Wintour and Nicki Minaj
One of our favorite moments from New York Fashion Week was the emergence of new front-row BFFs Nicki Minaj and Anna Wintour. Relive the moment this Halloween, with a sky-high wig (the bigger, the better), a pom-pom-covered top (for an easy DIY option: buy colorful arts-and-crafts balls and glue them to a bright T-shirt), and neon tights for Minaj. To re-create the Vogue editor’s look, pick a ladylike dress, top it with some statement-making necklaces, and finish with the editrix’s signature bob and sunglasses.

Nicki Minaj: Tights, $14, skirt, $74, American Apparel; Clown dress, $60, and necklaces, $19–$55, Screaming Mimi’s; Wig, Ricky’s, $19.99.
Anna Wintour: Dress, $135, and jeweled necklace, $65, four-string pearl necklace, $65, Screaming Mimi’s; Sunglasses, $4.99, and wig, $29.99, Ricky’s

Photo: Newsweek (Bachmann), Getty Images (Perry), Melissa Hom (costumes)

Rick Perry and Michele Bachmann
For a topically scary look this Halloween, go as the GOP’s most frightening candidates: the wild-eyed Michele Bachmann and the gun-toting Rick Perry. These two go for pretty conservative garb—suits adorned with the ubiquitous American flag pin—so the tricks are in the details. For the governor’s rough-and-tumble Texas persona, don a cowboy hat and brandish a toy gun. The key to Bachmann’s look is re-creating the intense stare that made a splash on the cover of Newsweek.

Rick Perry: Pinstripe jacket, Forever 21, $53.90; Dress pants, Screaming Mimi’s, $65; Button-down shirt, American Apparel, $58; Tie, Macy’s, $37.50; Cowboy hat, $9.99, “bang” gun, $4.99, and marshal pistol, $6.99, Ricky’s;Flag pin, Target, $4.99
Michele Bachmann: Double-breasted blazer with gold buttons, $49.95, andmidi-front pleat skirt, $49.95, H&M; Flag pin, Target, $4.99; Unisex long-sleeve button-up shirt, American Apparel, $58; Drooping eyes, Ricky’s, $3.99

Photo: Interscope Records (video stills), Melissa Hom (costumes)

Lady Gaga in the “You and I” Video
Lady Gaga can be too much woman for one person, which she proves in the gender-bending, cornfield love-story video for “You and I.” Zero in on two of her personalities by dressing as her zaniest alter egos: Yuyi the mermaid and Jo Calderone. For her mermaid persona, a nude bodysuit or bra and green maxi skirt can re-create the head-to-fin look, while a blue wig or a touch of blue hair spray will work for her fishy do. To play her male counterpart, nothing says “Jo Calderone” like a grungy white shirt under a black tuxedo-style suit and a black, Elvis-inspired haircut (feel free to skip the pants-stuffing for this one).

Mermaid Gaga: Top, $15; and skirt, $58, American Apparel; Wig, Ricky’s, $44.99
Jo Calderone: White shirt, American Apparel, $21; Tuxedo, $175, (Tuxedos range from $80–$225) Screaming Mimi’s; Wig, Ricky’s, $19.99

Double Up