Ask a Shop Clerk: JillAnne

Photo: Melissa Hom

You sell everything from T-shirts to pole-dancing-Santa Christmas cards here, and you have a pole in the store. Tell us about that.
If I’m going to be at work for seven, eight hours a day, I have to have my toys. I take a break once in a while, and my friends come over and people gawk on the sidewalk. It runs the gamut from the young guys hootin’ and hollerin’ to the little Asian lady nodding her head up and down. I’ve thought about putting a hidden video camera outside the awning just to catch their expressions.

Do customers ever want to try the pole?
Yes, they do. And if they sign my release, they can! Most of them don’t know quite what to make of it. There was this one guy who started twirling around…it really depends.

Photo: JillAnne

Do you have a pole at home?
I do. In fact, I’ve poled on scaffolding; when I was in Hawaii, I poled on a school sign—I have the video of that. People who pole tend to become a little obsessed with it and will pole on just about anything.

We heard that you’ll do a number if we spend $50, is this true?
That’s true, yes. It’s not advertised—people seem to be figuring it out, though.

Ask a Shop Clerk: JillAnne