$90,000Berkshire Hathaway Class A stock
One share of the bluest of the blue chips doesn’t come cheap, but it’s had an average annual gain of over 20 percent.

Photo: Courtesy of Dylan's Candy Bar

$165Swarovski Pez dispenser
A much more impressive candy holder than the usual tin of mints (Dylan’s Candy Bar; 646-735-0078).

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Photo: Courtesy of Christian Dior

$81,750Christian Dior “Dauphin Incroyable” ring
An eye-grabbing 79.40-carat pile of green beryl, diamonds, sapphires, and rubies (212-931-2950).

Photo: Davies + Starr

$181,500Fendi Russian sable coat
A floor-sweeper of the world’s silkiest pelts, hand-assembled by Italian masters (212-759-4646).

Photo: Courtesy of Vladi Private Islands

$3,384,008 Mahare Island
If this piece of South Pacific paradise doesn’t do it for you, there are options in Canada, Grenada, Fiji … (vladi-private-islands.de).

Photo: Courtesy of Prada

$13,370Prada crocodile roller
It certainly won’t get lost on the luggage carousel—just make sure someone else doesn’t grab it (212-334-8888).

Photo: Courtesy of Xperience Days

$135,000Chartered zero-gravity flight
Free-float 24,000 feet above the earth, courtesy of a refitted Boeing 727 and full flight crew (866-973-7436).

Photo: Tim Sharp/AP

$250,000Shares in a thoroughbred
Bask in racing-day glory without ever mucking a stall. The higher your share, the bigger the return (800-246-9077).