Literally Everything In Our 2016 Gift Issue

Over 200 gifts at every price for the home, foodies, gadget heads, kids, and everything and everyone in between.

The Cut Staff’s Hyperspecific Luxury Gift Guide

Never give a gift card again.

The Best Holiday Gifts for Moms, According to 12 Moms

Including a Teavana set, a MaxMara coat, a Vince t-shirt, and custom Nike sneakers.

The Cheapest, Nicest Gifts From the Most Expensive Brands

From Chanel to Vetements to Le Creuset.

34 Charming Gifts for Kids

The year’s must-have toys, dressy sneakers, cuddly creatures, and more.

14 Experiential Gifts for Adventure Seekers

A butchering class with April Bloomfield, two nights in a Nintendo game, a morning alone at the Met, and more.

43 Gifts for the Fashion-Forward

A comfortable party dress, Versace slippers, waterproof Chucks, and more.

What to Buy Your Favorite Home Cook

Bespoke caviar, Four Seasons-style tableware, watermelon brandy, and more..

What Do the Super-Cool People at Dimes Want for the Holidays?

Rachel Comey jeans, of course.

13 Highly Giftable Vintage Coffee-Table Books

Did you know Edith Wharton wrote a garden book?

The Best Gift I Ever Got

The robe that feels like wearing a bed, a carry-ever-day bag, and more.

The Under $50 Gift Guide

From a $1 red lipstick to a $50 wooden coffeemaker, with plenty of enamel pins, bottles of booze, and next-level home goods in between.

The Best Gift I Ever Gave

Earrings Mom will never take off, an espresso machine worth going nuts over, and more.

18 Chefs on the Gifts They Want

From an antique skillet to prized Italian salumi.

21 Chefs on the Gifts They Plan to Give

An amazing ice-cream scoop, a foldable French knife, and even next-level socks.

20 Techy Gifts for Gadget-Heads

Old-school Nintendo, an olfactory alarm clock, VR headset, and more.

13 Highly Giftable Poetry Books

That are balms for the soul.

37 Gorgeous Gifts for the Home

A stripy hammock, doughnut pipes, a super-pillow, and more.

28 Charities to Donate to This Holiday Season

In your loved one’s (or better yet, a loathed one’s) name.

The Best Gift I Ever Got

The robe that feels like wearing a bed, a carry-ever-day bag, and more.

6 Incredibly Luxurious Beauty Gifts

Fancy face dust, a leather-bound manicure set, anti-aging cream made from your own blood, and more.

The Hard to Shop Fors

Asking the toughest people to shop for — from a grandmother to a 16-year-old to a wellness enthusiast — "What do you want for the holidays?"

19 Gifts for Even the Most Discriminating Design Junkie

Help your loved ones live stylishly.

The Best Holiday Beauty-Gift Sets at Sephora

One for you, one for me — that’s how it works, right?

8 Toys to Buy Now That Hatchimals Are Sold Out

For those who’d rather not camp outside of Toys “R” Us at 5 a.m.

22 Secret Santa Gifts Under $50

From a taco pin to a miniature bookshelf.

A Gift for Every Type of Mom

From the mom who doesn’t want anything to the mom who thinks she’s Lucille Bluth.

What Should I Gift a Fashion Fiend?

Topshop has the best affordable, low-heeled party shoes right now.

The Gifts the Strategist Editors Will Be Giving

(And what they want to be gifted.)