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Eight Sweet Nights

Indulge in the city's best Hanukkah treats this season, from classic rugelach and jelly doughnuts to DIY Star of David cookies.

Isaac's Bake Shop
1419 Ave. J, nr. 15th St., Midwood; 718-377-9291
Top row, from left: menorah fondant cookie, hazelnut Star of David, white chocolate hazelnut dreidel, chocolate hazelnut menorah.
Bottom row, from left: Star of David fondant cookie, dreidel Linzer tart, dreidel fondant cookie, Star of David Linzer tart, menorah Linzer tart; all $3 each.

2245 Broadway, at 80th St.; 212-787-2000
Mini blue and white cookies, $7.98; chocolate babka, $8.98; chocolate rugalach, $10.98 per pound.

William Greenberg Desserts
1100 Madison Ave., nr. 82nd St.; 212-861-1340
Hanukkah cookies (left), $30 for a dozen; gingerbread house, $50 (small) and $80 (large); gelt, $18 with wooden dreidel and mini cookies (not pictured); cupcakes, $30 for a dozen.

Eleni's New York
Chelsea Market, 75 Ninth Ave., nr. 15th St.; 212-255-6804
Color Me! Hanukkah cookie gift tin, $35.

Lilly's Homestyle Bakery Shop
Online only
Gluten-free chocolate-glazed donuts, $7.20 for 15 ounces; gluten-free mini chocolate-glazed donuts, $4.20 for seven ounces; gluten-free rainbow cookies, $8.99 for an eight-ounce package; chocolate and raspberry rugelach combo 28-ounce package, $14.50. All dairy-free.

Silver Moon Bakery
2740 Broadway, at 105th St.; 212-866-4717
Star of David cookie bag (left), $6; suvganiah, $3.95; Star of David cookie, $2.75; mini suvganiah, $2.95.

Zucker Bakery
433 E. 9th St., nr. Ave. A; 646-559-8425
Clockwise, from top left: cranberry cake doughnut with rosemary and orange; alfajores vanilla cake doughnut dipped in dulce de leche and coconut; potato latke cake doughnut with sour-cream icing and apples; sweet potato cake doughnut with toasted marshmallow; pomegranate plum jelly cake donut. $2.30 each or $25 per dozen.

308 E. 78th St., nr. Second Ave.; 212-288-6569
Raspberry and apricot mini hamantaschen cookies; raspberry and apricot rugelach; chocolate-dipped raspberry rugelach. $5.50 for a quarter pound, or $22 per pound, all kosher dairy.

Mother's Bake Shop
548 W. 235th St., nr. Johnson Ave., Riverdale; 718-796-5676
Clockwise, from top left: challah, $4.50$6; Hanukkah cupcakes, $2.25 each; jelly doughnuts, $1.95 each; mini doughnuts, $15 per pound; chocolate-dipped Hanukkah cookies, $15 per pound; rugelach, $15 per pound; mini blue and whites, $15 per pound; custard doughnuts, $2.75 each.