Spike Your Punch

Punch bowl service at Weather Up.Photo: Matilde Delich
Photo: Melissa Hom

Pisco Punch (View Recipe)
From Audrey Saunders of Pegu Club
The original Pisco punch recipe is 150 years old, but Audrey Saunders’s reworking updates the classic with bracing citrus syrups. Home-made pineapple-infused brandy rounds out the mix.

Caroga Punch (View Recipe)
From John Paul Deragon, formerly of PDT
Amateur mixologists be warned: This concoction requires a house-made Earl Grey–infused vermouth and citrus simple syrup, but the subtle, bitter and sweet results are well worth it.

Photo: Matilde Delich

Kings County Cordial (View Recipe)
From Kathryn Weatherup of Weather Up
This Champagne-based punch gets its kick from Cognac and Sauternes. Garnished with raspberries and lemon circles, it also makes a great centerpiece for your hors d’oeuvre spread.

Cosmo Blanc Punch (View Recipe)
From Xavier Herit of Daniel
Daniel’s Xavier Herit makes this twist on the ubiquitous Cosmopolitan with white cranberry juice and elderflower liqueur. Garnish with edible orchid blossoms for the ultimate fragrant accent.

Photo: Melissa Hom

Sevilla 75 (View Recipe)
From Eben Freeman of Tailor
A low-cost version of the French 75, this recipe swaps out the Champagne for wallet-friendly Spanish cava. In addition, it tones down the sweetness of the original by ditching the gin base and replacing it with the richer taste of Cognac.

100 Year Punch (View Recipe)
From Daniel Eun of PDT
Daniel Eun’s mixture of bourbon and Korean rice wine may not go down as easy as some fruitier punches, but according to legend, the ginger and herbs infused into the main ingredient—Bek Se Ju—will help you live to be 100 years old.

Spike Your Punch