Jump Into 2011

Photo: iStockPhoto. Photo-illustration: Mary-Louise Price

The Place: Scandinavia
The Tradition: Eating herring at the stroke of midnight, both regular and pickled.
The Reason: Having herring is supposed to mean good luck for fishermen, and thus plentiful food for everyone.
Where to Get the Goods: Holland herring tray, $39.95, Russ & Daughters, 179 E. Houston St., nr. Orchard St.; 212-475-4880

The Place: Southern U.S.
The Tradition: Eating black-eyed peas.
The Reason: Luck for the coming year.
Where to Get the Goods: Goya black-eyed peas, $1.39, Fairway, various locations. Make them using Bobby Flay’s recipe.

The Place: Around the world
The Tradition: Eating cabbage.
The Reason: To bring money in the New Year.
Where to Get the Goods: Kimchee, $6.99, Han Ah Reum, 25 W. 32nd St., nr. Broadway; 212-695-3283

The Place: Spain, Cuba, Portugal, Peru, and more
The Tradition: Eating twelve grapes
The Reason: Residents of these counties eat twelve grapes right at midnight, one for each strike of the clock and to symbolize the twelve months of the year. Pay attention to whom you’re celebrating with—some believe you need to eat a thirteenth for luck.
Where to Get the Goods: Green grapes, $3.49 per pound, Whole Foods, various locations.

The Place: Denmark
The Tradition: Throwing broken plates at your friends’ homes and jumping off of chairs
The Reason: The plates are symbol of friendship—the more old, broken plates you find, the more friends you have. Danes also jump off of chairs at midnight to leap into the new year, believing this will bring luck.
Where to Get the Goods: White dinner plate, $5.95, Fishs Eddy, various locations. Balser chair, $49.99, Ikea, 1 Beard St., nr. Otsego St., Red Hook (718-246-4532)

The Place: The U.S.
The Tradition: Kissing at midnight.
The Reason: Kissing someone you love will bring good luck.
Where to Get the Goods: ChapStick, $2.49, Duane Reade, various locations.

The Place: Norway
The Tradition: Eating rice pudding.
The Reason: Norwegians hide an almond inside, with wealth in the New Year going to the person who finds it.
Where to Get the Goods: Various flavors, $40 for 10 servings, Rice to Riches, 37 Spring St., nr. Mullberry St.; 212-274-0008

The Place: Italy
The Tradition: Wearing red underwear.
The Reason: To bring good luck in the new year.
Where to Get the Goods: Hanky Panky cheeky hipster, $32, Bloomingdale’s, 1000 Third Ave., at 59th St.; 212-705-2000

The place: Holland
The tradition: Eating oliebollen.
The reason: The Dutch munch on these round doughnuts because the round shape mirrors the cyclical year.
Where to get the goods: Banana Nutella smoutballen, $6, Vandaag, 103 Second Ave., at 6th St.; 212-253-0470

Jump Into 2011