What Do You Do for Inner Peace?

“Every afternoon—preferably late in the afternoon—I take my man walk. I walk completely without destination and eventually find mine.”
—Craig Finn, singer of the Hold Steady

“I make my kids breakfast and walk them to school. I also box twice a week.”
—Mario Batali, chef

“I go to a synergy specialist, a ‘directional non-force chiropractor.’ Plus I always take vitamins— omega-3—and three nights a week I’ll have dinner at home.”
—Jean-Georges Vongerichten, chef

“I go to yoga classes three or four times a week when the team is home, and on the road, I attend spin classes at local health clubs.”
—Isiah Thomas, Knicks coach

“I read a lot of fiction, nothing to do with Wall Street. I do the Times Sunday crossword puzzle every weekend.”
—Mason Rees, senior hedge-fund director, Bear Stearns

“Taking a good, long walk uplifts my spirit, and makes me feel peaceful.”
—Yoko Ono, artist

“I couldn’t live without Central Park—Bethesda Fountain is one of the most spiritual places in the city.”
—Jonathan Groff, star of Spring Awakening

“I’m not aware of ever having achieved inner peace.”
—Nora Ephron, writer

What Do You Do for Inner Peace?