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Who Makes How Much

Edward Lampert
$1.02 billion
Manager, ESL Investments hedge fund

James Simons
$670 million
Manager, Renaissance Technologies Corp. hedge fund

Bruce Kovner
$550 million

Manager, Caxton Associates hedge fund

Richard Fuld

Chairman and CEO, Lehman Brothers

E. Stanley O’Neal

Chairman, CEO, and president, Merrill Lynch

Henry Paulson Jr.

Chairman and CEO, Goldman Sachs

Sanford Weill

Chairman, Citigroup

William Harrison Jr.

Chairman and CEO, JPMorgan Chase

James Dimon

President and COO, JPMorgan Chase

Kenneth Chenault

Chairman and CEO, American Express

Henry McKinnell

Chairman and CEO, Pfizer

H. Edward Hanway
$13.3 million

Chairman, CEO, and president, Cigna

John D. Wren

CEO and president, Omnicom Group advertising

James Dolan
$9.5 million

Chairman, CEO, and president, Cablevision

Edgar Bronfman Jr.
$6.3 million

CEO, Warner Music Group

David Neeleman

Chairman and CEO, JetBlue Airways

John Thain
$4 million

CEO, New York Stock Exchange

Chelsea Clinton

Consultant, McKinsey & Co.

Travis Harris

Shoe-shiner, Wall Street ($20 a day, three days a week)

Chris (last name withheld)

Panhandler, Bleecker and Broadway

Juanita Garcia
$3 million

2005 New York State lottery winner

Robert Morgenthau

District attorney, Manhattan

Jeannine Pirro

District attorney, Westchester

Eric Rosen

First-year assistant district attorney, Manhattan

Shannon Stallings

First-year public defender, Legal Aid Society

Laura Held

Parking-violation judge

Judy Sheindlin
$30 million

Television judge

H. Rodgin Cohen
$4 million

Chairman, Sullivan & Cromwell

Josh Dubin

Jury consultant and trial strategist

William Joshua Brant

First-year associate, Weil, Gotshal & Manges

Dick Wolf
$200 million

Executive producer, Law & Order, Law & Order: SVU, Law & Order: Criminal Intent (includes syndication)

Sam Waterston
$2.5 million

Actor, Law & Order

David Chase
$20 million

Creator, The Sopranos

James Gandolfini
$10 million

Actor, The Sopranos

David Letterman
$31 million

Host, The Late Show With David Letterman

Jon Stewart
$1.5 million

Host, The Daily Show

Dave Chappelle

Absent Comedian, Chappelle’s Show
($50 million contract for two years, but no episodes yet delivered)

Tina Fey
$1.5 million

Performer and head writer, Saturday Night Live

Regis Philbin
$20 million

Host, Live With Regis and Kelly

Kelly Ripa
$7 million

Host, Live With Regis and Kelly

Charlie Gibson,
$7 million

Co-anchor, Good Morning America

Brian Williams,
$4 million

Anchor, NBC Nightly News

Anderson Cooper
$2 million

Host, Anderson Cooper 360

Chuck Scarborough
$3 million

Anchor, WNBC news

Sue Simmons
$2.5 million

Anchor, WNBC news

Sam Champion
$1.5 million

Weatherman, WABC

Pat Kiernan

Anchor, NY1

Roger Ailes,
$7.1 million

Chairman, Fox News Channel

Andrew Heyward
$1.5 million

President, CBS News