Who Makes How Much

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Salary envy and its more loathsome twin, salary smugness, are the yin and yang of New York life, the engine that drives the city. But face it: Unless you’re actually steaming open the mail, most of what you think you know about what your neighbor makes is little more than fantasy. That’s where we come in. We’ve compiled a voluminous and eccentric list of hundreds of New Yorkers’ salaries, from the hedge-funder who pulled down more than a billion last year to the Chinese-food deliveryman making four figures (plus tips). There’s Calvin Klein and a guy who sells knockoffs on the street, a cantor and an imam, a first-year assistant district attorney and Sam Waterston, an honorary veteran of the D.A.’s office.

The first such list published in this magazine, in 1972, offers a glimpse into the city’s misty, pre-Morgenthau past; Bob makes his first appearance on the 1975 list, and he is the only person who holds the same title now as he did then. Another landmark who has stood the test of time even longer than Morgie: Hugh Hefner, the sole listee from 1972 to recur in this issue. Back then, Hef banked $303,847 wearing the hats of chairman, president, editor, and—whew!—publisher of Playboy Enterprises. These days, he takes in $983,000 merely for his editor-in-chief duties. No one in 1972 even approached seven figures; the highest figure on the list was the $425,160 taken home by Meshulan Riklis, chairman and president of Rapid-American Corp. and ex-husband of Pia Zadora.

Even in 2005, it’s still considered bad manners in most circles to volunteer one’s salary. So putting the list together was a challenge. One local-TV weatherman summed up many opinions when he said, “Oy vey, oy vey, oy vey, oy vey! You know what four oy veys means? It means we don’t talk about that kind of thing, and I’m not going to tell you. It’s personal.” And he was right, of course, though that didn’t stop us. Corporate proxy statements, printed news reports (we are most heavily indebted to Forbes and to Institutional Investor’s Alpha magazine), city payrolls, nonprofits’ tax-return filings—those were easy. And sometimes asking people straight-up worked. Donald Trump Jr., for one, was happy to declare his income (like father, like son), and after some discussion, we decided to take his word for it. One squeamish real-estate broker gave her name and then panicked, demanding in a series of phone calls of escalating hysteria that we remove her last name. See Jennifer’s shame (minus, alas, her surname).

Some of the numbers, inevitably, are guesses. But they’re educated guesses, at least, based on multiple industry sources. Many artists and entertainers, for instance, were unenthusiastic about commenting on their earnings (as were their agents). In such cases, we relied on the informed speculation of insiders—though Andy Warhol’s earnings, to cite just one example, are controlled by the nonprofit Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts and are correct to the dollar. Some sources took our questions as an opportunity for sniping; explaining Maggie Gyllenhaal’s per-movie price, one studio executive kindly offered, “She’s a no-one.”

None of the figures includes perks—not a banker’s private jet, a university president’s housing, or an editor’s Town Car. This is about cash. Note that some of the CEO salaries may seem strange: They reflect salaries, bonuses, and exercised stock options only—so Time Warner CEO Richard Parsons is listed as earning $23.5 million, of which about $9 million represent options that he cashed out. All figures are the most recent available, and there’s a chance, of course, that some numbers have moved up or down since they were reported. We won’t pretend that this list will make you sleep any better—but at least you’ll know what to request next time you’re due for a raise.

Edward Lampert
$1.02 billion
Manager, ESL Investments hedge fund

James Simons
$670 million
Manager, Renaissance Technologies Corp. hedge fund

Bruce Kovner
$550 million

Manager, Caxton Associates hedge fund

Richard Fuld

Chairman and CEO, Lehman Brothers

E. Stanley O’Neal

Chairman, CEO, and president, Merrill Lynch

Photo: Randy Brooke/Wire Image

Henry Paulson Jr.

Chairman and CEO, Goldman Sachs

Sanford Weill

Chairman, Citigroup

William Harrison Jr.

Chairman and CEO, JPMorgan Chase

James Dimon

President and COO, JPMorgan Chase

Kenneth Chenault

Chairman and CEO, American Express

Henry McKinnell

Chairman and CEO, Pfizer

H. Edward Hanway
$13.3 million

Chairman, CEO, and president, Cigna

John D. Wren

CEO and president, Omnicom Group advertising

James Dolan
$9.5 million

Chairman, CEO, and president, Cablevision

Edgar Bronfman Jr.
$6.3 million

CEO, Warner Music Group

David Neeleman

Chairman and CEO, JetBlue Airways

John Thain
$4 million

CEO, New York Stock Exchange

Chelsea Clinton

Consultant, McKinsey & Co.

Travis Harris

Shoe-shiner, Wall Street($20 a day, three days a week)

Chris (last name withheld)

Panhandler, Bleecker and Broadway

Juanita Garcia
$3 million

2005 New York State lottery winner

Robert Morgenthau

District attorney, Manhattan

Jeannine Pirro

District attorney, Westchester

Eric Rosen

First-year assistant district attorney, Manhattan

Shannon Stallings

First-year public defender, Legal Aid Society

Laura Held

Parking-violation judge

Judy Sheindlin
$30 million

Television judge

H. Rodgin Cohen
$4 million

Chairman, Sullivan & Cromwell

Josh Dubin

Jury consultant and trial strategist

William Joshua Brant

First-year associate, Weil, Gotshal & Manges

Dick Wolf
$200 million

Executive producer, Law & Order, Law & Order: SVU, Law & Order: Criminal Intent(includes syndication)

Sam Waterston
$2.5 million

Actor, Law & Order

David Chase
$20 million

Creator, The Sopranos

James Gandolfini
$10 million

Actor, The Sopranos

David Letterman
$31 million

Host, The Late Show With David Letterman

Jon Stewart
$1.5 million

Host, The Daily Show

Dave Chappelle

Absent Comedian, Chappelle’s Show
($50 million contract for two years, but no episodes yet delivered)

Tina Fey
$1.5 million

Performer and head writer, Saturday Night Live

Regis Philbin
$20 million

Host, Live With Regis and Kelly

Kelly Ripa
$7 million

Host, Live With Regis and Kelly

Charlie Gibson,
$7 million

Co-anchor, Good Morning America

Brian Williams,
$4 million

Anchor, NBC Nightly News

Anderson Cooper
$2 million

Host, Anderson Cooper 360

Chuck Scarborough
$3 million

Anchor, WNBC news

Sue Simmons
$2.5 million

Anchor, WNBC news

Sam Champion
$1.5 million

Weatherman, WABC

Pat Kiernan

Anchor, NY1

Roger Ailes,
$7.1 million

Chairman, Fox News Channel

Andrew Heyward
$1.5 million

President, CBS News

Harvey and Bob Weinstein
$50 million each

Co-chairmen, Miramax Films
(2004–5 bonuses and buyout from Disney split)

Robert De Niro
$20 million

Actor, Meet the Fockers

Leonardo DiCaprio
$20 million

Actor, The Aviator

Nicole Kidman
$15 million

Actress, The Interpreter

Kirsten Dunst
$8 million

Actress, Elizabethtown

Meryl Streep
$5 million

Actress, The Devil Wears Prada

Lindsay Lohan
$3.5 million

Actress, Herbie: Fully Loaded
($7.5 million for the upcoming Just My Luck)

Photo: From left, Jesse Grant/Wire Image; Tim Whitby/Wire Image

Uma Thurman
$3 million

Actress, Be Cool

Ethan Hawke
$3 million

Actor, Assault on Precinct 13

Jake Gyllenhaal
$3 million

Actor, Jarhead

Maggie Gyllenhaal

Actress, upcoming untitled Oliver Stone 9/11 film

Rosario Dawson
$1 million

Actress, Rent

Peter Sarsgaard

Actor, Flight Plan

Sarah Jessica Parker
$38 million

Gap spokeswoman
(plus $1 million for the upcoming Failure to Launch)

Karen Cooper

Director and president, Film Forum

Johan Roldan

Ticket collector, City Cinemas Village East

David Schmidt

Kim’s Video clerk
(28 hours per week at $6 per hour)

Billy Crystal
$10 million

Monologuist, 700 Sundays

Matthew Broderick and Nathan Lane
$5.2 million each

Actors, The Odd Couple
($100,000 per week)

Julia Roberts

Actress, Three Days of Rain
($35,000 per week)

Rosie O’Donnell

Actress, Fiddler on the Roof
($10,000 per week)

John Patrick Shanley
$2.6 million

Playwright, Doubt
(10 percent of weekly gross of $500,000)

Sydney Davolos

General manager, Roundabout Theatre

Glenn Lowry

Director, the Museum of Modern Art

Philippe de Montebello

Director and CEO, the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Aristotle Stathatos

Security guard, the Metropolitan Museum of Art

William Ruprecht
$2 million

Director, Sotheby’s

Steven Kasher

Chelsea gallery owner

Larry Gagosian
$30 million

Owner, Gagosian Gallery

Jasper Johns
$20 million


Jeff Koons
$15 million

Conceptual artist

John Currin
$3 million


Cindy Sherman
$1 million


Andy Warhol

Deceased artist

50 Cent
$50 million

Rapper, hyphenate

$36 million

Rapper, superhyphenate

The Strokes

Rockers, Room on Fire(570,000 copies sold at roughly
$1.50 per album)

Wynton Marsalis

Artistic director, Jazz at Lincoln Center

John Lennon
$21 million

Deceased singer-songwriter

Frank Sinatra
$5 million

Deceased singer-songwriter

Photo: Jun Sato/Wire Image

Mark Ronson


Tom Stewart

Tower Records clerk

Lorin Maazel

Conductor, New York Philharmonic

Joseph Volpe

General manager, Metropolitan Opera

Renée Fleming

Mezzo-soprano, Metropolitan Opera
($15,000 per performance)

George M.

Street musician, Astor Place subway station

Malcolm Gladwell
$1.5 million

Author, Blink
(advance, plus $250,000 New Yorker salary and $30,000 per speaking engagement)

Jonathan Safran Foer
$1 million

Author, Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close
(advance, plus $12,500 per speaking engagement)

Judith Regan
$1 million

President and publisher, Regan Books

Sonny Mehta

Chairman and editor-in-chief, Alfred A. Knopf Publishing Group

Ann Godoff

President and publisher, the Penguin Press

Sam Tanenhaus

Editor, The New York Times Book Review

Stephen Riggio

CEO and vice-chairman, Barnes & Noble

Lisa Jong

Clerk, Barnes & Noble
(32 hours a week at $7.75 per hour)

Barry Diller

Chairman and CEO, IAC/InterActiveCorp

Richard Parsons

Chairman and CEO, Time Warner, Inc.

Robert Iger
$12 million

CEO, Walt Disney Corporation

Sumner Redstone
$56 million

Chairman and CEO, Viacom

Les Moonves
$52 million

Co-president and co-COO, Viacom

Tom Freston
$52 million

Co-president and co-COO, Viacom

Bob Wright
$19.7 million

Vice-chairman of GE, chairman and CEO of NBC Universal

Martha Stewart

Founder, Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia

Martha Stewart
$9.6 million

TV Star
($1.6 million for The Apprentice, $8 million for Martha)

Susan Lyne

CEO and president, Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia

Arthur Sulzberger Jr.
$1.92 million

Chairman and publisher, the New York Times Co.

Peter Kann
$2.3 million

Chairman and CEO, Dow Jones

Karen Elliott House

Publisher, the Wall Street Journal

Bill Keller

Executive editor, the New York Times

Col Allan

Editor, New York Post

Richard Johnson

“Page Six” gossip columnist

Thomas Friedman

Columnist, the New York Times
(plus $40,000 per speaking engagement)

Maria Schneider

Associate Editor, The Onion

Will Shortz

Crossword editor, the New York Times

Jim Romenesko

Blogger, the Poynter Institute

Jessica Coen

Blogger, Gawker.com

Photo: Donald Bowers

Parakash Patel

Newsstand operator, 50th Street and Third Avenue

Hugh Hefner

Founder and editor-in-chief, Playboy Enterprises

Christie Hefner
$1.44 million

Chairman and CEO, Playboy Enterprises

David Pecker
$3.15 million

CEO and president, American Media

Norm Pearlstine
$2 million

Editor-in-chief, Time Inc.

Anna Wintour
$2 million

Editor, Vogue

Sylvana Soto-Ward

Assistant to Anna Wintour

Bonnie Fuller

Editorial director, American Media

Janice Min
$1.2 million

Editor, Us Weekly

James Kelly
$1.1 million

Managing editor, Time

Tom Wallace
$1 million

Editorial director, Condé Nast

David Remnick
$1 million

Editor, The New Yorker

Peter Martins

Artistic director, New York City Ballet

Photo: From left, Mike Appleton/AP; Beatriz Schiller/Time Life Pictures/Getty Images

Angel Corella and Julie Kent
$171,000 each

Principal dancers, American Ballet Theatre

Magdalena Piekarz

Teacher, Arthur Murray Dance Studios

Paul Tagliabue
$8 million

Commissioner, National Football League

Don Garber
$1.25 Million

Commissioner, Major League Soccer

Photo: Jeffrey Mayer/Wire Image

Larry Brown
$10 million

Head coach, New York Knicks

Isiah Thomas
$6.7 million

General manager, New York Knicks

Brian Cashman
$1 million

General manager, New York Yankees

Omar Minaya

General manager, New York Mets

Joe Torre
$6.4 million

Manager, Yankees

Willie Randolph

Manager, Mets

Tom Coughlin
$2.75 million

Head coach, New York Giants

Herman Edwards
$2 million

Head coach, New York Jets

Eli Manning
$7.5 million

Quarterback, Giants

Chad Pennington
$9.1 million

Quarterback, Jets

Adrian Awasom

Rookie defensive end, Giants

Alex Rodriguez
$25.2 million

Third baseman, Yankees

Pedro Martinez
$13.25 million

Pitcher, Mets

Steve Crampton

Pitcher, Newark Bears
($450 per week for 22 weeks, plus $18 per diem on road trips)

Stephon Marbury
$17.5 million

Point guard, Knicks

Jason Kidd
$17.3 million

Point guard, New Jersey Nets

Trevor Ariza

Final 2004 draft pick, Knicks

Becky Hammon

All-Star guard, New York Liberty

Norm Roberts

Head basketball coach, St. John’s

Patrick Magnan

Head basketball coach, defending Manhattan champions Frederick Douglass Academy(in addition to his teacher’s salary)

Marv Albert

TV play-by-play announcer, Nets

Mike and the Mad Dog
$2.7 million

Talk-radio hosts, WFAN
($1.4 million for Mike, $1.3 millionfor the Mad Dog)

Gregory Burke

Private first class, United States Army, stationed in Iraq
(includes $130 monthly hazardous-duty fee)

John Wright

National Guardsman, Penn Station

Photo: Jim Spellman/Wire Image

Kofi Annan

Secretary-general, United Nations

Hillary Clinton

United States senator

Charles Rangel

United States congressman

George Pataki


Eliot Spitzer

State attorney general

Sheldon Silver

State Assembly speaker

Joseph Bruno

State Senate majority leader

Michael Bloomberg

(official mayor’s salary: $195,000)

Peter Madonia

Mayor’s chief of staff

Kevin Sheekey

Bloomberg reelection campaign manager

Cristyne Nicholas

CEO and president, NYC & Company tourism bureau

John Doherty

Commissioner, Sanitation Department

Lori Lyons


Police and Fire
Thomas E. Nobles Jr.

Postal carrier

Ray Kelly

Police commissioner

Nicholas Scoppetta

Fire commissioner

Charles Hirsch

City chief medical examiner

Edwin Young

NYPD anti-graffiti coordinator

Anthony Napolitano

Rookie police officer

Mark Mershon

Assistant director in charge of New York field office, FBI

John Coghlan

Private detective

Free walks, food, housing

Fire dog, Ladder Co. 20

Glen O’Sullivan

Subway conductor

Annette Sutton-Epps

Subway station agent

Nzue Kohen

Yellow-cab driver

Volkan Demir

Pedicab driver

Gerard Deliotte


Santiago Segovia

Parking-garage attendant

Personal Services
Keuyoung Lee

Owner, 181 Corner Cleaners

Jason Onserud

Personal trainer

Guy Ballirano

Technician, Con Ed

Maria Capales


Elvin Urena


Irene Nahon


Natasha Sealy

Nanny (plus lunch)

Photo: Donald Bowers

Christine Lanotte

Dog walker, Petaholics

Tony Ristick

Psychic, Celine Astrology


Cocaine dealer, Lower East Side(
$275 per one-eighth ounce)

Photo: Matthew Peyton/Getty Images

John Sexton

President, New York University

Lee Bollinger

President, Columbia University

Joseph Polisi

President, the Juilliard School

Bob Kerrey

President, the New School

Jeffrey Sachs

Economics professor, Columbia University

Adam H. Becker

Assistant professor, classics and religion, NYU

Wol-san Liem

Teaching assistant, NYU

Joel Klein

Chancellor, New York City Schools

Randi Weingarten

President, United Federation of Teachers

Ellen Stein

Head of school, Dalton

Stanley Teitel

Principal, Stuyvesant High School

Karina Costantino

Principal, P.S. 22 in Staten Island

Barbara Lancaster

First-grade teacher, Ethical Culture Fieldston School

Christina Annunziata

First-grade teacher, Bronx public school

Stephen Williams

Custodian engineer, Park East High School

Jonathan Arak

SAT tutor, Princeton Review

Herbert Pardes

CEO and president, New York Presbyterian Hospital

Harold Varmus

CEO, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, Memorial Hospital

David Campbell

CEO and president, St. Vincent’s Catholic Medical Centers

Kenneth Davis

CEO, Mount Sinai Hospital

Steven J. Corwin

Cardiologist/chief medical officer, Columbia Presbyterian Hospital

Howard Beaton

Chief of surgery, NYU Downtown Hospital

Frank Manning

Chief of OB/GYN, NYU Downtown Hospital

Scott Newman

Plastic surgeon

Raymond Wong

Assistant attending physician, NYU Downtown Hospital

Leena Lakhkar


Udomporn Ratanaphaledee

Flower-shop cashier, Cornell Hospital

Edward Egan

Cardinal, Archdiocese of New York

Rev. Kevin Madigan

Catholic priest

Sister Marie of the Precious Blood

Cloistered nun

Rabbi Joseph H. Gelberman

Rabbi, All Faith Seminary(includes income from books, lectures, and weddings)

Judith Steel

Cantor, the New Synagogue
($1,500 salary, $12,500 for weddings)

Imam Omar Abu-Namous

Head of the Islamic Cultural Center of New York

Sol Adler

President, 92nd Street Y

Richard Haass

President, Council on Foreign Relations

Richard Lattis

General director, Wildlife Conservation Society (oversees city zoos)

Joan Malin

CEO and president, Planned Parenthood of New York City

Ana Oliveira

Executive director, Gay Men’s Health Crisis

Mary Brosnahan Sullivan

Executive director, Coalition for the Homeless

Lt. Col. Nestor Nuesch

Divisional commander, Salvation Army of Greater New York

Photo: Jim Spellman/Wire Image

Real Estate
Donald Trump

Chairman and CEO, Trump Hotels & Casino Resorts, Inc.

Donald Trump
$1.6 million

TV star, The Apprentice

Donald Trump Jr.

Vice-president of acquisitions and development, Trump Organization

Mort Zuckerman

Chairman, Boston Properties, Inc.

Photo: Patrick McMullan

Dolly Lenz
$6.95 million

Super-broker, Prudential Douglas Elliman Real Estate

Jennifer R.

(last name withheld)First-year broker

Hector Norat

Superintendent, 209 W. 97th St.

Jose Felipe Gonzalez

Doorman, 455 Central Park W.

Mohammed Hamid


David J. Douglas


Ramon Torres

Window washer

Herman Jiminez


Tommy Hilfiger
$22.4 million

Honorary chairman, Tommy Hilfiger, Inc.

Calvin Klein
$22.2 million

Consulting creative director, Phillips Van Heusen Corp.

Russell Simmons
$119 million

Founder, Phat Farm (from the sale of Phat Farm alone)

Kimora Lee Simmons
$17 million

Creative director, Baby Phat

Kenneth Cole
$2.25 million

Chairman and CEO, Kenneth Cole Productions

Steve Madden

Creative and design chief, Steve Madden Ltd.

Gisele Bündchen
$15.2 million


Dylan Erickson

Male model(started modeling four months ago)

R. Brad Martin
$2.12 million

Chairman and CEO, Saks, Inc.

Howard Socol
$2.06 million

Chairman, CEO, and president, Barneys New York, Inc.

Michael J. Kowalski

Chairman and CEO, Tiffany & Co.

Robert Cole

Assistant manager, Banana Republic

Eric Miranda

Sales clerk, Gap

Ricardo Fondeur

Fragrance sales associate and sprayer, Macy’s

Masae Sasaki

Sales associate, Tutu boutique, Nolita

Nivia Nogues

Sales assistant, Payless Shoe Source

Nate P.

Knockoff-handbag street vendor

Jean-Georges Vongerichten
$6 million

Chef, restaurateur, author

Daniel Boulud
$4 million

Chef, restaurateur, author

Mario Batali
$2 million

Chef, restaurateur, author, Food Network star

Joey Repice

Sommelier, Pure Food and Wine

Agim Seferi

Wait captain, Café Gray

Bucho Suarez

Short-order cook, Joe Jr. diner

Eva Ferka

Reservationist, Alto

Travis Toy

Line coordinator, Whole Foods Union Square

Jay Yaun

Deli clerk, Apple Tree Market

Alex Aguinaga

Deliveryman, FreshDirect

Eddie Santi

Pizza server, Famous Famiglia Pizzeria

Jamal Khandaker

Hot-dog and pretzel vendor, Broadway and Warren Street

Amirul Islam

Fruit vendor, Broadway and Warren Street

Mike Kim

Chinese deliveryman, Wang’s Restaurant (not including tips)

Edited by Kate Pickert.
Reported by Jessica Bennett, Mary Burke, Katie Charles, Renee DeFranco, Will Doig, Daniel Grushkin, Nathanael Johnson, Stirling Kelso, Yael Kohen, Ben Mathis-Lilley, Rebecca Milzoff, Suzanne Mozes, Janelle Nanos, Denise Penny, Emma Rosenblum, Rebecca Ruiz, Bree Sposato, Stacia Thiel, and Eric Wolff.

Who Makes How Much