Don’t Embarass the Kids at Camp

Remember: Camp Starts With the Journey
“When we go to the bus, my mom will make a scene and cry and kiss me. She could hug me, but not too much. It would be pretty embarrassing if I couldn’t breathe.” —sebi foresi, 10, camp winaukee“I don’t want to look like a snowman when I get on the bus, so buy sunscreen that doesn’t leave white stuff all over me.”
—Ava Marie Hunt, 9, Camp Ouareau

Don’t Indulge in P.D.A.
“My mom embarrasses me by waving too much. I wave back the first two times, but after that, Okay, you can stop. Also, she’s always taking pictures. My friends think my mom is a picture maniac.”
—Katy Mayerson, 10, Usdan Center

“At closing ceremony, when I’m dancing onstage, my mother shouts out my name and tells everyone around her, ‘That’s my baby. That’s my baby.’ That’s the worst.”
—Chelsi Thomas, 12, Mariner’s Educational Center

Do Write, at Length
“Parents should always make letters at least a page long. Short letters mean they don’t care.”
—Katie Schwartz, 13, Tranquillity Camp

“It’s great when parents encourage friends and family to send mail. We want to hear from other people, too.”
—Chloe Olewitz, 14, Island Lake Camp

Don’t Share Personal Details
“Please don’t call me by a little baby nickname in front of everyone. Also, don’t tell the bus driver private things, like ‘She had a lot of trouble getting ready this morning because she’s tired.’ ”
—Ava Marie Hunt

“My mom will tell a story about when I was 3 years old, and no one thinks it’s funny but her.”
—Chloe Olewitz

Do Send Stuff
“The best thing is to get a package at camp. Everyone wants to know what’s in there. My mom sends the most random, hilarious things, like spy glasses.”
—Chloe Olewitz

“My parents send plastic drawers already set up with underwear, socks, etc., so all I have to do is put the drawers in my cubby.”
—Katie Schwartz, 13, Tranquillity Camp

But Make Sure It’s Cool Stuff
“Don’t send a favorite blankie or a stuffed animal. That would be really embarrassing.”
—Raphael Wolf, 10, Surprise Lake Camp, Sleepaway

“One girl got a fifteen-pound bar of cooking chocolate. That was really embarrassing.”
—Chloe Olewitz

Do Supply Barter Material
“It’s a good idea to put two Gogurts in my lunch so I can trade one.”
—Ava Marie Hunt

Don’t Fuss on Visiting Day
“Parents should not make their kids eat food like asparagus or pickles or broccoli.”
—raphael wolf, 10, Surprise Lake Camp

“My parents always clean my cubbies and remake my bed. All the other kids are showing the parents where they sleep.”
—Henry Schwartz, 8, Tranquillity Camp

But Do Get There Early
“The good thing is my parents are always first to arrive on visiting day, which shows how much they love me. The kid whose parents arrive last is the most embarrassed.”
—Katie Schwartz

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