Beautify Your Feet

Photo: James Wojcik

(1) Blisters and shredded heels.
Prevention is the cure. Test-drive all your footwear, then stick moleskin or Band-Aids on potential disaster areas. If a bubble emerges, pop it with cuticle nipper, then cover with peroxide and a Band-Aid. The squeamish option: Carry flip-flops and slip stilettos on before arrival.

(2) Red feet and tan lines.
The top of the foot is often forgotten: Slather it with sunblock. Make sure the lotion is unscented (try Neutrogena)—flies can’t get enough of perfumed creams. A dab of Avon Skin So Soft hand cream wards off mosquitoes.

(3) Sweaty feet.
Never wear closed shoes without socks, and never put moisturizer between toes unless you want a fungus.

(4) Ugly toes.
Polish actually protects your nails from the sun, because it keeps them from drying out. Use unscented cuticle oil regularly to erase white rough parts around the nail. It soaks right into the dry skin and puffs it out.

(5) Inch-thick calluses.
Don’t remove them completely, especially on the soles—they protect your feet. Pumice them a little bit every day in the shower, or hit the beach. Walking on the sand or standing in waves is a natural exfoliator.

(6) Dirt.
A serious problem for city girls. Use Sephora’s Complexion Extractor ($18), which has a tiny spoon at the tip—intended for extracting pimples, it’s great for getting dirt from under nails. Carry baby wipes, and avoid light, sheer polish.

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Beautify Your Feet