Distract the Monsters

The Bubblator. Photo: Kristine Larsen

The Draw: Wacky purple-and-yellow contraption propels liquid soap onto a circular frame that makes giant bubbles.
Age Group: 3 and up.
Playground Commentary: Kids are entranced, but the Bubblator is hard to manipulate, so grown-ups become bubble-makers. One dad kept trying to see how big a bubble he could make and wouldn’t share.
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Tub Tunes Water Flutes and Drums
(Right Brain Playthings/Big Boing)
The Draw: Musical instruments change pitch when filled with water.
Age Group: Toddlers to preschool.
Playground Commentary: Not exactly sweet music, but good for encouraging kids into the pool. One managed to blow on all the flutes; cue hysterical laughter.
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Hover Disc.Photo: Kristine Larsen

The Draw: A three-foot-wide flying disc made of balloon Mylar and flexible wire.
Age Group: Preschoolers to age 10.
Playground Commentary: Takes a while to blow up, and all three we tested broke after about an hour. Still, the kids loved being able to toss the HoverDisc two stories high, then give chase.
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The Super Soaker Aquapack Devastator.Photo: Kristine Larsen

Super Soaker Aquapack Devastator
The Draw: Backpack tank fills a water gun that sprays 30 feet.
Age Group: 7 and up.
Playground Commentary: It’s hard to run with 100 ounces of water on your back, but kids are inspired to charge off on commando runs anyway. Screaming, shrieking fun ensues; our testers didn’t want to give it back.
Fun Quotient:

The Wave
(Street Surfing)
The Draw: An extreme skateboard whose wheels rotate 360 degrees.
Age Group: 10 and up.
Playground Commentary: Even if you watch the enclosed DVD directions, the Wave is nearly impossible for neophytes to master—though highly impressive if they do. A 21-year-old FAO Schwarz salesman said it took him about 45 minutes to figure it out.
Fun Quotient:

Tek TagPhoto: Kristine Larsen

Tek Tag
(Wild Planet)
The Draw: Tag with a high-tech armband.
Age Group: 6 and up.
Playground Commentary: Got our computer-crazed testers away from the screen. The best part: no arguments about who’s “It.” Everyone has to tag everyone.
Fun Quotient:

Fly Wheels
(Jakks Pacific)
The Draw: A rip cord sends a hard plastic tire soaring at 30 mph.
Age Group: 8 and up.
Playground Commentary: Dads love it—“This is a lethal weapon,” said one tester gleefully. For kids, there’s too much risk of black eyes, contusions, and bloody lips.
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Distract the Monsters