Travel in Harmony

Your kid likes:Baby Einstein
Youlike:The Strokes
Try:Various Artists, See You on the Moon: Songs for Kids
Broken Social Scene sings “Puff the Magic Dragon.” Everyone’s happy.

Your kid likes:That bangin’ house music
Youlike: Golden oldies
Try: Moby, Play
There’s a reason it sold 10 trillion copies worldwide.

Your kid likes: Techno
Youlike: The Beatles
Try: Paul Simon, Surprise
Pop genius Brian Eno co-produces, lends much-needed cred.

Your kid likes: Kelly Clarkson
You like: Stevie Nicks
Try: Rilo Kiley, The Execution of All Things
Cute, catchy pop-rock with an indie edge.

Your kid likes: Shaggy
Youlike: Bob Marley
Try: Various Artists, 300% Dynamite
Classic dancehall, obscure reggae, and everything in between.

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Travel in Harmony