Jimmy Page’s Heir

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Led Zeppelin
Led Zeppelin I, 1969 Dirty Projectors
Bitte Orca, 2009
Whenever Dirty Projectors leader Dave Longstreth stays in one time signature for more than a few bars (which isn’t often), his quick-fingered guitar pyrotechnics can almost be mistaken for Jimmy Page’s.

Nick Drake
Five Leaves Left, 1969 Graham Coxon
The Spinning Top, 2009
Even when he was blowing speakers as Blur’s lead guitarist, Coxson’s fret work always hinted at a Drake obsession. On his seventh, mostly acoustic solo album, he finally comes clean.

Joni Mitchell
Clouds, 1969 Antony and the Johnsons
The Crying Light, 2009
Mitchell told personal stories in a nimble flasetto. In 2009, nobody confessed more at higher pitches than Antony Hegarty.

The Beatles
Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, 1967 The Decembrists
The Hazards of Love, 2009
It certainly doesn’t happen often, but Hazards— which tells the story of a woman who falls in love with a forest-dwelling monster— proves that every 42 years or so,it’s possible for someone to make a decent concept album.

Jimmy Page’s Heir