Bowling Alleys and Watermelon Radishes

Illustration by Tim Lahan

The Heron is easily the best restaurant in the region. The corned-beef hash is the move for breakfast. Catfish for dinner. If you forget your wallet, nobody bats an eye. You bring it by the next day.” —Ben Younger, screenwriter, Narrowsburg

“Callicoon has a wonderful farmers’ market on Sundays. Our favorite farm, Willow Wisp Organic Farm, has a stand there, and Greg, the owner, not only has the best-tasting and -looking produce, he also makes sure to grow unusual crops, like watermelon radishes and a weird-looking kale.” —Pernille Loof, photographer, Barryville

“Lisa, the owner of Morgan Outdoors, knows all the trails in the area, and she can always recommend one. Sometimes she’ll show outdoors-themed documentaries at the back of the store.” —Carolin Walton-Brown, owner of Willow and Brown, Livingston Manor

“The Callicoon Kristal Bowl is spectacular. It’s the best place to go on a rainy day for $2.50 games and a chance to see locals mixed with Brooklynites jamming to Lady Gaga on the jukebox.” —Heidi Hartwig, photographer, Callicoon

Sunshine Studios holds pottery classes for kids every Saturday. Ms. Kelly is the instructor, and the vibe is awesome; the kids are completely entranced by her. My son loves it, and we’ve made great friends through it. Kelly also has this old air popper and makes popcorn at each class.” —Heather Bergstein, digital marketing director, Estée Lauder, Barryville

“If you’re coming to fish, stay at Baxter House. It’s run by a family—a mom, pop, their daughter, and three dogs. The dad gives guided fishing tours.” —Kazusa Jibiki, owner of Lovely Day, Roscoe

There are artist colonies and residencies popping up everywhere, like Denniston Hill, founded by Paul Pfeiffer and Julie Mehretu. I donated a greenhouse where musicians can perform to plants.” —Peter Coffin, artist, Masten Lake

“The Bethel Motor Speedway in White Lake has Saturday-night races during the summer. You can go meet the drivers too. It’s our own mini Le Mans.” —Shannon Shultz, model, Swan Lake

Bowling Alleys and Watermelon Radishes