U.S. Open: Nearby Eats

The Lemon Ice King of Corona
52–02 108th St., between Corona and 52nd Aves.; 718-699-5133
Italian ice heaven in Corona with a view of a busy bocce court.

Buddha Bodai Nature Vegetarian Restaurant
42-96 Main St.,at Cherry Ave.; 718-939-1188
Vegetarian fare for those who like Chinese food from a kosher kitchen.

Choopan Kabab House
43-27 Main St.,between Dahlia and Elder Aves.;718-539-3180
A pleasant haven for charcoal-grilled kebabs and Afghani specialties.

East Buffet & Restaurant
42-07 Main St.,between Maple and Franklin Aves.;718-353-6333
Hong Kong flavor and Las Vegas style combine at Flushing’s flashiest restaurant.

Empanadas del Parque Café
56-27 Van Doren St., at 108th St.;718-592-7288
Everything costs three dollars or less at this tiny Latin American cafe.

Minni’s Shabu Shabu & BBQ
136-17 38th Ave.,between Main St. and 38th Ave.;718-762-6277
Home to Chinese-influenced Japanese-style hot-pot cuisine.

Park Side
107-01 Corona Ave.,between 108th St. and 51st Ave.;718-271-9274
Big plate, old-fashioned red sauce Italian draws Queens crowds.

U.S. Open: Nearby Eats