Top 5 Pickup Joints

Cubby Hole Photo: Shanna Ravindra

Santos’ Party House
96 Lafayette St., nr. nr. Walker St.; 212-584-5492
Sweaty dance parties are always a good way to go, and Andrew W.K.’s bi-level club always promises a big one. Valentine’s night, The Godfathers will be jamming out their 90’s Britpop.

Cubby Hole
281 W. 12th St., nr. 4th St.; 212-243-9041
This wildly decorated enclave has garnered a reputation as not just a great lesbian bar, but also a cool neighborhood bar. Gather round the jukebox and join the crowd in singing along with “What’s Love Got to Do With It.”

Union Pool
484 Union Ave., at Skillman Ave., Williamsburg; 718-609-0484
The quintessential Brooklyn-hipster cruising joint, Union Pool is full of pretty girls, prettier boys, and plenty of cheap beer. Be sure to stop by the photo booth with your new special someone.

Wilfie & Nell
228 W. 4th St., nr. Seventh Ave. S.; 212-242-2990
This small, candlelit room is so permeated with Irish bonhomie that you can’t help but strike up a conversation with the cutie seated next to you. Plus, the rickety communal tables and conscientiously sourced pub grub are surefire conversation starters.

Brother Jimmy’s
428 Amsterdam Ave., nr. 81st St.; 212-501-7515
This juke-joint chain packs in an array of postgrads ready to escape the office and mingle. Be warned that cans of PBR and Natty Light are so cheap that beer-goggle wearers are likely to be making inappropriate comments at passersby.

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Top 5 Pickup Joints