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Sealed With a Kiss

Local stationers share their most luxe Valentine's Day cards.

Paper Presentation
23 W. 18th St., nr. Sixth Ave.; 212-463-7035
Postco “You’re Simply Lovely” Card, $4.95.

“It doesn’t really look like a Valentine right away. It’s a striking card because the color is really engaging, and it’s a white text so it stands out.” —Gianfranco Settecasi, purchasing manager

Lion in the Sun
232 Seventh Ave., nr. Fourth St., Park Slope; 718-369-4006
Dear Hancock Chubby Bunny Valentine’s Card, $5.

“We represent a lot of small artists all over the country. This is a really lovely hand-drawn brand called Dear Hancock that is a small independent designer [Gwendolyn Mason, based in Los Angeles].” —Melinda Morris, owner

Foxy & Winston
392 Van Brunt St., nr. Dikeman St., Red Hook; 718-928-4855
“Come Fry With Me” Card, $4.50.

“I just dream these things up. I made the eggs into a pattern, added a heart, and then the old Frank Sinatra song came into my head. And that’s how that happened. The tagline came last.” —Jane Buck, owner and designer

Kate’s Paperie
188 Lafayette St., nr. Broome St.; 212-941-9816
Freaky Dog & Cat Valentine Card, $5.95.

“This one just cracks me up. It’s funny, racy, silly, and just ‘all kinds of wrong,’ as George Gozum used to say.” —Judy Bassant, manager

11 W. 42nd St., nr. Fifth Ave.; 212-302-3053
Marcel Schurman Valentine’s Day Card, $5.95.

“Marcel Schurman is our original and oldest brand. It was retired several years ago and we actually brought it back last year after numerous requests from our loyal customers. You’ll notice that his styling is very different; it’s much more classic and traditional.” —Jennifer Sesma, regional sales manager for New York

Greenwich Letterpress
39 Christopher St., nr. Sixth Ave.; 212-989-7464
“Waves” Card, $4.75.

“My sister Amy and I tend to wink at or reference our past when it comes to designing. If we aren’t borrowing from popular culture, we are taking the emotion from say, the pages of our teenage diaries or notes passed secretly in the hallway and reimagining them for today.” —Beth Salvini, co-owner and designer with sister Amy Swanson

Cursive New York
Grand Central Terminal, 87 E. 42nd St., nr. Park Ave.; 212-867-5550
Old Tom Foolery “Extra Ten Bucks” Card, $6.

“I love a good sassy Valentine’s Day card. It’s a husband and wife team, and they do really funny lines.” —Michael Schultz, co-owner

Papél New York
225 Court St., at Warren St., Cobble Hill; 718-422-0255
Steamwhistle Letterpress “This Dummy” Card, $5.50.

“It’s a new line that I picked up. They’re based out of Cincinnati. It’s a retro theme where they have these really awkward pictures of men.” —Raegan Hirvela, owner

Suite Paperie
373 Broadway, Ste. B07, nr. Franklin St.; 646-535-6240. Studio open by appointment only; contact for purchase.
“Thought You Should Know” Card, $7.50. Also available in a snail-mail set, $30 for five cards and envelopes, small stamps, and a pencil.

“This card was part of a snail-mail set, which is something I created so people would send more snail mail. There are little notes that probe you to write a letter to somebody that you love.” —Becca Goldberg, owner

Blacker and Kooby
1390 Lexington Ave., nr. 92nd St.; 212-369-8308
Customizable card, $7.50 with custom message and matching envelope seal.

“For that special way to say ‘I love you’ on Valentine's Day, consider a sending a customizable card.” —Vanessa Kooby, owner