Ask a Shop Clerk: Claire Cavanah

Photo: Courtesy of Babeland

You carry everything from solid-gold vibrators to fur handcuffs here. Why do sex toys make a good Valentine’s gift?
When we first opened, people would come in for little gag gifts and they’d laugh. Now it’s much more sincere. Buying something here is almost a guarantee something fun is going to happen.

Is there anything you’re expecting to be a big seller?
The Rabbit—it’s so famous now. And the We-Vibe, one I think that’s truly groundbreaking this year. It’s the sort of come-together, uniter vibe, and that’s really such a Valentine’s-y type thing.

How about for a couple that isn’t quite so intimate (yet)?
I really love our massage candles. They’re soy-based and they have this really nice scent to them. If you light the candle, that melts the soy massage oil, and then you pour the liquid onto the body.

What’s the etiquette associated with gifting a sex toy?
Do it in private; I wouldn’t bring it out at the restaurant. If you don’t know too much about what your partner wants, then go basic and pretty. And make sure to get batteries. It’s like a kid at Christmas; if you don’t have the batteries, what good is the toy? It just sits there.

Ask a Shop Clerk: Claire Cavanah