What I’d Get for You

Keene Timberline slippers, $70 (Soula, 185 Smith St., at Warren St., Carroll Gardens; 718-834-8423); camisole, $29.50, and hipster, $9 (Gap Body, 734 Lexington Ave., at 59th St.; 212-751-1543). Photo: Hannah Whitaker

Liz Wallace and Ingrid Eberly
Relationship length: twelve years
Ingrid (in back): “She’s five months pregnant with our second child, so I want to give her something pretty to wear.”
Liz: “She’s the designated outdoor-chore person in our house—taking out the trash, sweeping the sidewalk in front of the bodega next door. So I want to get her cozy slippers that she can wear outside.”

Recycled-newspaper roses, $2 each or six for $10 (La Tiendita at Essex Market, 120 Essex St., at Delancey St.; 212-982-1633); Valentine’s Day cookie tin, $20 (Sweet Things Bake Shop, 136 Ave. C, nr. 8th St.; 212-982-1633).Photo: Hannah Whitaker

Ingrid Romero and Chris Castrellan
Relationship length: one year
Ingrid: “I want to give him cookies, because he’s a cookie monster.They’re sweet and he’s sweet, and I can eat them, too.”
Chris: “Ingrid loves recycling things and reusing things. I want to get her something that will last forever.”

Ann Taylor cardigan, $59, and silk shell with necktie, $69 (600 Fifth Ave., at 48th St.; 212-922-3621); De Falco Beneventano Aglianico, $13.99 (Astor Wines & Spirits, 399 Lafayette St., at 4th St.; 212-674-7500).Photo: Hannah Whitaker

Joan and Carlo Fusco
Relationship length: married 55 years
Carlo: “Usually I give her jewelry, but this year I’m getting her a new wardrobe. She just lost 21 pounds on Weight Watchers.”
Joan: “Now when he chases me, I’ll be able to run faster.”
Carlo: “I’ll still catch you.”
Joan: “I’m getting him a bottle of wine. Something Italian to go with his cigars.”

What I’d Get for You