Know Your Sleep Inhibitors

Illustrations by Giacomo Gambineri

Checking email before bed
A screen’s glow reduces your production of melatonin. But there’s a fix, according to a 2013 Mayo Clinic study: Dim your phone and hold it more than 14 inches from your face. Turn off your TV, too.

Being drunk (while female)
Boozy nights lead to restless sleep for everyone—but intoxicated women, perhaps because their metabolic rates are different from men’s, lose an average of 19 minutes more of sleep, says a 2011 study in the journal ‘Alcoholism: Clinical & Experimental Research.’

Not having an office window
Compared to those lucky enough to have a view, sunlight-deprived office drones sleep 46 minutes less per night, says the American Academy of Sleep Medicine. It’s likely because direct daylight helps people maintain their circadian rhythms.

A full moon
It sounds crazy, but a Swiss study found that its subjects slept an average of 20 minutes less during a full moon. Don’t blame ‘Teen Wolf’; humans, like some other species, may have biological clocks tied to the lunar cycle.

Know Your Sleep Inhibitors