Steady Hands

Cantor Philip Sherman with 23 boys he has circumcised in the past three years.Photo: Andrew Eccles; prop styling by Wade & Strauss

Cantor Philip Sherman
One of the most prolific mohels in the city, Sherman often packs in several ceremonies a day. Popular partly because of his openness to nontraditional families—including those outside the Jewish faith (917-448-2747).

Dr. Emily Blake
A obstetrician-gynecologist widely touted for her willingness to personalize ceremonies. Often includes English prayer translations and looks for ways to include extended-family members in the ceremony (917-405-0696).

Rabbi Paysach Krohn
A renowned speaker; his ceremonies are often described as exceptionally spiritual and inspirational (718-846-6900).

Dr. Dorothy Greenbaum
A pediatrician known for her warm demeanor and gentle methods, which include anesthesia (800-600-3022).

Dr. Jeffrey Mazlin
Obstetrician-gynecologist is touted for his vast experience, spanning over 30 years. Uses anesthesia and will travel to all five boroughs (212-517-9048).

Dr. Eric Diamond
The Long Island–based urologist performs all over the metropolitan area; touted for his quick and efficient technique and use of anesthesia (516-677-9672).

Rabbi Gerald Chirnomas
A Conservative mohel trained at Hadassah hospital in Jerusalem; has performed thousands of ceremonies throughout the region (973-334-6044).

Rabbi Moshe Chaim Friedman
An Orthodox mohel and member of the executive committee of the American Board of Ritual Circumcision; popular for his calming, upbeat presence (347-992-0306).

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Steady Hands