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Design Liberation: The 2009 Home Design Issue

There is no such thing as “school of” anymore. Home design’s evolution away from strictures, tradition, and everything-has-to-match dogma has eliminated that pigeonholing. Such a relief! Particularly since the most exciting work is being done by people who have liberated themselves from old orthodoxies, with a looser, wildly eclectic, inspiring, and vastly less costly aesthetic. (It’s also, often, pretty fun.) What label could possibly encompass.... read more [+]

Living in It

At the Future Perfect, David Alhadeff sells advanced coolness. In his rehabbed Brooklyn warehouse home, he’s surrounded by it.

Soaking in It

In his Bowery Hotel apartment, Richard Christiansen can work in pretty much every corner—and order room service, too.

Cue the Paradise Garage

Nicola Vassell works at Deitch Projects, lives in a Soho loft, and throws art-crowd parties. What is this, 1979?

No Sense in Waiting

This is Maximilian Sinsteden’s dorm room. He’s a college senior. He’s already got clients.

Start With the Basics

Fashion designer Jason Wu’s one-bedroom is a testament to monochrome.

Scary CheapLive/Work

The husband-and-wife design team of Commonwealth practices a very different kind of minimalism. One that’s not afraid of blurps and blobs.

Another Angle Entirely

Neatly trimmed Ikea bath mats for rugs, and other DIY from Design Glut.