The Bedroom

Photo: Tom Rauner

When Playland Motel—a new boutique destination that aims to capitalize on the renaissance of Rockaway Beach—approached Eskayel founder Shanan Campanaro about designing this spacious, light-filled suite, she agreed without hesitation. Campanaro worked in collaboration with Michelle Zacks of the Brooklyn studio SPACED OUT to conjure a dreamy, bohemian mood. The design draws on Rockaway’s local lore, the surrounding environment (there’s an ocean view from the suite), surf culture, and their own travels. With the internet (principally, a shared Pinterest board) at their disposal, the duo made quick work of the challenge—which was imperative, given that the lead time was only a month. “It’s kind of amazing how much from our inspiration board made it directly into the project,” Campanaro says. “Cinder blocks, round upholstered headboard, and tumbleweed included.”

• “In the bedroom we used shades of blue that are reminiscent of the sea,” says Zacks. The wallpaper, headboard, and pillowcases are by Eskayel. Mounted above the bed is a tumbleweed found on Etsy.

A gnarled piece of wood was hung with paper lanterns to create a floor lamp.

Cinder blocks—painted with contrasting pops of color—serve as a minimalist side table. “I distinctly remember my parents using cinder blocks for this purpose when I was young,” says Campanaro.

The Bedroom