Space of the Week: Bright, Modern, and Wheelchair-Accessible

The Brooklyn design-and-build firm MADE (, whose clients include Chuck Close and Julianne Moore, recently renovated the Central Park West studio apartment of Mikki Marshall, a former manager at Barneys and Armani, who’s been wheelchair-bound since surviving a spinal-cord injury eight years ago. “The project held challenges that really inspired us,” said Oliver Freundlich, a founding partner at MADE. Members of the firm typically work on townhouse renovations, but they were excited by the chance to create a home for Mikki that simultaneously offered accessibility, functionality, and beauty. Photo: Courtesy of MADE

The first step was to gut the 625-square-foot space. Photo: Courtesy of MADE

The result: an expansive, sun-drenched, honey-toned living room anchored by an Edward Wormley couch. Photo: Courtesy of MADE

The cabinetry throughout the apartment was designed and fabricated by MADE. This central unit divides the living and sleeping areas and is based on a single module for easy on-site construction and assembly. Photo: Courtesy of MADE

Each of the unit’s four sides is designed for a specific function, providing, for example, closet space, a niche for the TV, and bookshelves. Photo: Courtesy of MADE

Alongside MADE partner Ben Bischoff, left, and project manager Tim Lock, Mikki visited Ikea to collect design inspirations. Later the designers embellished store-bought cabinets with custom details in MADE’s Red Hook studios. Photo: Courtesy of MADE

The bathroom was enlarged to accommodate Mikki’s wheelchair; she now has easy access to the curbless, open shower and cantilevered sink vanity. All of the plumbing fixtures are installed to be within her reach. The tilted mirror above the teak counter allows Mikki to see herself while seated. Photo: Courtesy of MADE

The Ikea cabinets were installed behind sliding panels covered in flocked wallpaper by Romo (Lasari in lime). A home automation system allows Mikki to control audiovisual elements, lighting, window shades, and an air conditioner from a single touch panel. “She’s now able to turn off her own lights for the first time in eight years,” says Oliver. Photo: Courtesy of MADE

An eighteen-foot-long white-oak window seat”custom fabricated from Ikea’s Numerar butcher-block counter”runs the length of the windows. Photo: Courtesy of MADE

The kitchen before the renovation. Photo: Courtesy of MADE

The new kitchen includes Ikea cabinets with doors and drawers in a brush-painted finish (Farrow & Ball’s Mouse’s Back) that is easy to touch up. All the cabinetry is on touch latches, making it easier for Mikki to open and close, and the Arwa faucet has an easy-to-operate lever. The open cabinets display Mikki’s collection of gold-leaf glassware that she uses for her frequent (and fabulous) cocktail parties. Photo: Courtesy of MADE

Space of the Week: Bright, Modern, and Wheelchair […]