Space of the Week: When Life Gives You Blizzards, Make a Snow Fort

Maybe you remember Steve Burns”a.k.a. “the Blues Clues Bachelor”“from New York’s Home Design issue this past October. Well, Steve sent me an intriguing e-mail last week with pictures of a new “”guesthouse” that he’d installed in the courtyard of his Eric Liftin”designed home in Williamsburg. He said he wanted to post a real-estate listing on it: “Charming alcove studio, steps from L train. Cutting-edge green construction, locally sourced material, a MUST SEE! $1,100/month.” The only catch, as you can see here: the “house” is an igloo. Photo: Steve Burns

So how’d he construct it? And how long did it take? “Piling the snow took about three hours, digging it out took a bit longer because I did it myself with a shovel and a really big serving spoon. All in all, I’d say about eight hours of work.” Photo: Steve Burns

Another view of the interior. Photo: Steve Burns

For his Super Bowl party last weekend, Steve outfitted the fort as a beer cave. Photo: Steve Burns

The view of Steve’s backyard snow fort from inside his living room. Photo: Steve Burns

Space of the Week: When Life Gives You Blizzards, […]