First Look: How It All Vegan

Cornelia Guest is a passionate animal-rights activist and vegan chef who has just published her first cookbook: Cornelia Guest’s Simple Pleasures: Healthy Seasonal Cooking & Easy Entertaining (Weinstein Books). Guest founded Cornelia Guest Events, a vegan catering company, in 2009 and started a line of animal-free handbags last year. I caught up with the jack-of-all-trades in her new Daniel Romualdez-designed office. Here she is seated at her desk with one of her rescue dogs, Olive. The portrait behind her is of her father, Winston Frederick Guest, who was a polo champion. Photo: Wendy Goodman

The cover of Guest’s new book, written with Diane Reverand, gives you a delicious taste of the menus inside. The emphasis here is on seasonality and simplicity. Photo: Courtesy of Weinstein Books

The book is also filled with wonderful vignettes of gardens and rooms in Templeton. Here is a portrait of Guest’s father, Winston, as a baby, with his grandmother, Annie Phipps. Photo: Courtesy of Matthew Klein

Chilled dill leek soup”yum! Photo: Courtesy of Matthew Klein

The book is packed with ideas for elegant, easy settings. Here, Guest plates cookies with fox cups and writes, “My father never liked to use them as his fingers were too big to fit into the handles! I loved them when I was little.” Photo: Courtesy of Matthew Klein

How heavenly is this tomato tarte Tatin?! Vegan cooking never looked so good. Photo: Courtesy of Matthew Klein

And then of course there is dessert: red velvet cake, strawberry-rhubarb pie, and sparkling iced cranberry green tea. Tulips displayed in her father’s old polo trophies add the perfect finishing touch. Photo: Courtesy of Matthew Klein

First Look: How It All Vegan