Space of the Week: On the Waterfront

“We were hit really hard by Hurricane Sandy,” says Mesh Architectures founder Eric Liftin, who was living in Dumbo at the time. “So we stepped up our efforts to buy a new apartment, despite the limited market.” A thorough search led the Liftins to the Columbia Street Waterfront District, just before Christmas 2013. The apartment, on the top floor of a brand-new building on the corner of Columbia Street, was still a construction site at the time, boarded windows and all. But as soon as the Liftins got up to the roof, they knew that this view would be theirs. Photo: Eric Liftin

“The last time I designed my own apartment was back in 1998, when I had just started my practice,” Liftin says. “I saw this new project as an opportunity to bring in some traditional materials I had recently fallen for”like walnut flooring, Carrara marble, and hexagonal tiles”while experimenting with new technology like LED ceiling strips.” Photo: Eric Liftin

This stairway leads to the roof and is flanked by a gallery wall on one side and a shelved library wall on the other. The bird wallpaper is from Trove. Photo: Eric Liftin

“I love to cook, and spend a lot of time in the kitchen,” Liftin says. “This is the first G-shaped kitchen I’ve designed, and it’s been a pleasure to cook in. I feel like I’m in the heart of the space, with expansive views to the west.” Photo: Eric Liftin

The master bedroom is partitioned to divide the sleeping area from home offices. There’s a panel on the wall unit”hung with a Marshall Arisman print”that slides to reveal a TV. The painting above the bed is by Carla Klein. Photo: Eric Liftin

This psychedelic powder room has color-changing wallpaper. “This was an idea that I first proposed over ten years ago to several clients, none of whom ended up installing it.” Photo: Eric Liftin

Liftin and his wife, Elizabeth, up on the roof before construction began. “The apartment feels perfect for us,” Liftin says. “There are more views than you could ever want, but it still feels private.” Photo: Courtesy of Eric Liftin

Space of the Week: On the Waterfront