First Look: Where Questions Are Welcome

Grey Area fills its soon-to-be Soho showroom* with beautiful trinkets and a clever assortment of oddities. Is it a necklace? Is it art? Can you wear it? “In general, I look for pieces that fall into the gray area between art and object. So art made functional or the functional made into art,” says co-founder and creative director Kyle DeWoody. “This can mean a unique piece, an edition, or something unlimited in production but limited where you can find it.” In the showroom, open to the public Tuesday through Saturday beginning March 8, you’ll find vintage lingerie with Swarovski accents, colorful kitted accessories, or mummified Barbies. Pictured here, a romantic chair sculpture, Motivating the Unmarried Flower, by Rosalie Morris, has whimsical accents and detailing. *The showroom is still undergoing styling, so these pictures are of its temporary space. Photo: Catie Keck

A stomach crafted out of jewels marries the grotesque with uncanny familiarity. Jeweled Organs: Stomach, by Vadis Turner. Photo: Catie Keck

Grey Area stocks an entire display of bags, knits, and printed silk scarves from the Museum of Everything. Photo: Catie Keck

These ceramic bunnies titled Mascots, by Michael St. John, are a little reminiscent of Donnie Darko in the most adorable way. Photo: Catie Keck

These eerie silver wall ornaments are mummified Barbies by E.V. Day are aptly titled Mummified Barbies. Photo: Catie Keck

First Look: Where Questions Are Welcome