First Look: Bidding for Buddha

iGavel is just about to place a collection of Asian, ancient, and ethnographic art under the hammer in an online auction. Lark Mason, founder and president of the auction house and former Chinese-art expert at Sotheby’s, has brought together over 500 lots of precious treasure. The bidding war starts Tuesday, October 9, and lasts through Wednesday, October 24. This twentieth-century bronze Nepalese figure shows Buddha making a special mudra gesture. Photo: Courtesy of iGavel

A Chinese straw-glazed camel from the Sui or Tang dynasty. Camels used to be the “beasts of burden,” carrying trade goods along the Silk Road. The wealthier you were, the more camels you had, explains Mason. Figures like these were often buried alongside their owner. Photo: Courtesy of iGavel

In the eighteenth century, this shell-shape metal box would have been the “height of European fashion,” says Mason. It’s hand-painted, and the edges are gilded in copper. Photo: Courtesy of iGavel

A Chinese glazed vase from around 1990. Photo: Courtesy of iGavel

This eighteenth-century Chinese porcelain charger would have been the centerpiece at a European dining table. Photo: Courtesy of iGavel

Like camels, horses were immortalized into pottery pieces and entombed with their owners. These ceramic horse heads and stands are from the Han dynasty. Photo: Courtesy of iGavel

First Look: Bidding for Buddha