Space of the Week: The Hottest Club in Town (If You’re an Artist or Bookworm)

Coming off the street and entering the Oracle Club (10-41 47th Ave., Long Island City; creates something of an Alice-down-the-rabbit-hole effect. The brainchild of artist Jenna Gribbon and writer Julian Tepper, the members-only spot includes a library, a salon, and an artist studio. Key-holders pay $50 to $175 per month for access to the magical setting, where conversation and art-“making take precedence over the tweeting and texting. A reading-and-events lineup for nonmembers is also in the works. Jenna and Julian seem to be old souls in the bodies of bright young things. Photo: Wendy Goodman

The library is a trove of books, old and new. The paintings of Jean Cocteau and Saul Bellow are by Jenna. This summer Barnacle Books will publish Julian’s first novel, Balls. It tells the story of a man who, afflicted with testicular cancer, experiences a grave crisis of manhood. Photo: Jenna Gribbon and Julian Tepper

The salon features a dramatic suite of velvet and horn furniture c. 1871, made in Texas.Photo: Jenna Gribbon and Julian Tepper

The bar in the corner of the salon was made by Tietz-Baccon. The cash register is from Jenna’s great grand”mother’s beauty shop in Tennessee. The “Diamond Mirror” was designed by Piet Houtenbos. Photo: Wendy Goodman

Julian and Jenna live above the club with their 1-year-old son, Silas.Photo: Jenna Gribbon and Julian Tepper

Space of the Week: The Hottest Club in Town (If Y […]