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Photo: Courtesy of the vendors

Slap a Stick-N-Find sticker onto anything—your keys, wallet, etc.—and you’ll always be able to find it (up to 100 feet). (

The talk of CES, the HAPIfork monitors how fast you eat and vibrates if it thinks you need to slow down. (

Outfitted with motion sensors and LED lights, the Lumawake dock studies your sleep cycles and simulates sunrise to gently wake you. (

The Openarch platform converts any flat surface into a screen, letting one surf the Internet on the wall or video-chat with life-size friends projected onto the ceiling. (

The Blossom One coffeemaker scans the QR code on a bag of beans, then monitors the temperature and ratio of coffee to water to brew the perfect cup. (

The touchscreen-equipped Samsung T9000 refrigerator can suggest dishes to cook based on the foods you have on hand. (

A Roomba that cleans your windows, the Winbot 7 uses a powerful suction system to slide across panes with a squeegee and drying pad. (

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