The Well-lived Tub

Photo: David Allee

The Client: Stormy Byorum, banker, East Midtown
The Designer:Matthew Patrick Smyth

The Wish List: Smyth had to convert a very eighties slick black marble bathroom into something that felt like an open loft. The design started, literally, from the ground up. “When we walked into Paris Ceramics, Stormy fell in love with these reclaimed limestone tiles,” he says. She felt similarly passionate about the Agape “Spoon” bathtub they found at Moss.

The Solution: In contrast to the rest of the apartment, which has more extreme, deep colors, Smyth kept the bathroom neutral and warm. The tub went in the center, in part because it’s a showpiece, but also because that angle lets Byorum admire the East River views while reclining.

(1.) The glass dividing wall
It defines the shower area (and keeps the splashes out of the main bathroom) while still letting in plenty of light.

(2.) The circular mirror
Topped by a halogen lamp, it comes from Boffi Soho, as do the mirrored cabinets (although only one is visible). The round Waterworks stools echo the shape.

(3.) The wood countertop
Highly polished, it provides a visual contrast to the nubby floor tile but still ties into the overall color scheme.

(4.) The bathtub
It’s positioned so that Byorum can see the Queensboro Bridge and the Pepsi sign while soaking.

(5.) The platform
Tumbled Giallo Realle from Shelly Tile adds another texture.

(6.) The floor
Smyth devised the color palette from these Ancient Jerusalem Stone tiles found at Paris Ceramics.

The Well-lived Tub