Sink Different

(Photos: David Allee)

1. The Hands-Free
There are no taps;a motion sensor triggers a flow of water from above the sink. The pipe underneath is veiled by a frosted resin panel. Room by Sara and Robyn Karp; sink by Ken Hudes; the brushed-stainless-steel mosaic tiles are from Ann Sacks.

2. The Glowbox
By I-Beam Design, this sink is custom-made from fluorescent acrylic cabinetry and illuminated from within like a big night-light.

3. The Scallop
A hand-carved Marmara marble sink from the twenties that was originally in a villa on the Bosporus, and found at Ani Ancient Stone. Room designed by Matthew Smyth.

4. The Waterfall
When you enter this room by Ronald Bricke & Associates, a gentle cascade of water above the sink turns on automatically and tumbles down a chute of bronze and fourteen-karat gold leaf. The sink itself is a stainless-steel trough.

5. The Jewel
Another I-Beam design, made of Indonesian honey onyx from Modern Stone Age. It’s mounted atop a glass countertop that extends into the living room.

6. The Exotic Wood
This Boffi sink, made from cristal plant (a material similar to Corian), is mounted in zebrawood. There’s only one; it’s reflected in a mirrored wall. Room by West Chin.

Sink Different