Icebox Deluxe

Photo: Courtesy of Sub-Zero

Pro 48 refrigerator/freezer by Sub-Zero, $14,936
Unlike the old models, which were equipped with an alarm to alert you when the door was left open, this fully tricked-out all-stainless-steel behemoth has a new hinge design that ensures the doors easily swing shut. The interior bins that hold small items can go directly into a hot oven (good for entrées like lasagne, for example), and the evaporating and dual compressing systems regulate temperature and keep the fridge from smelling like week-old Thai. The bottom compartments feature an icemaker and a retractable glass crisper drawer. (At Gringer & Sons, 29 First Ave., at 2nd St.; 212-475-0600.)

Photo: Starr

Wire racks, $9.99 to $12.99 (At the Container Store, 725 Lexington Ave., nr. 58th St.; 212-366-4200.)

Organizing the Icebox
Experts: Lisa Zaslow, Gotham Organizers, and Jennifer Gautreaux, Complete Organization.

(Illustration: Kagan McLeod)

1.Customize the fridge yourself; an inexpensive lazy Susan from the hardware store puts condiments or sodas in reach and prevents logjams at the back.

2.If you don’t cook often, don’t waste the space; store nonperishables like sugar and spices (dated and labeled, of course). A fuller fridge uses energy more efficiently.

3.Write the date on a piece of masking tape and stick it on leftovers before putting them into the freezer or fridge. Ever-green bags from Zabar’s help produce stay fresh longer. Date your baking-soda box, too, so you’ll know to replace it in three months.

4.Group similar items together on shelves. Put the most frequently used (mustard, ketchup, Newman’s Own) on the “prime real estate” on the door, where they’re easily accessible.

5.Get rid of space-hogging drawers and gadgets you don’t use. If you always buy bagged ice, for example, toss the cube trays to make better use of the freezer.

Icebox Deluxe