26.6 Cubic Feet

Photo: Courtesy of Robeys

The Unit
The Meneghini three-door La Cambusa refrigerator, from about $40,500 (robeys.co.uk for information). The wood finish is solid ash.

1. The Porthole Door
Pulls down to hide appliances. (Storage space is available in the top and bottom of the unit.)

2. The Coffeemaker
Here from Miele. You can also customize this space with a small TV, as some clients have done.

3. The Pantry
Behind door No. 1: an impressive 11.8 cubic feet of dry storage. Can also be customized as another fridge.

4. The Dimensions
It is 8.2 by 7.2 by 2 feet and weighs 1,100 pounds.

5. The Refrigerator
Behind door No. 2: 11.8 cubic feet of fridge.

6. The Ice-Maker
Perfect for poolside parties, because, yes, some clients have put these units poolside. You can also install a small oven or microwave here.

7. The Freezer
Behind door No. 3: three cubic feet at subzero temperatures. ­

26.6 Cubic Feet