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East End Two-Bedroom Is Ripe for the Plucking

In today’s uncertain Manhattan real-estate market, there are bargains to be found. Each week, we show you one.

Deal-hunting habitués of Carl Schurz Park ought to check out this $995,000 two-bedroom, two-bath co-op on East End Avenue. On a price-per-square-foot basis, it’s cheaper than the Yorkville average, according to Plus you get bragging rights for having scored an apartment nearly identical to the one right below it, which sold for considerably more — around $1.2 million — just six weeks ago.

That unit’s bathrooms and kitchen were much spiffier, sure, but sink $150,000 into this one and you’ll have something equally finished on a higher floor with a bit more light. (You’ll just have to deal with the pain and suffering of a renovation, but that’s the cost of doing business.) It’s not tiny, either, at 1,350 square feet. Another point in your favor: An “anxious” (read: desperate) seller. Listing broker Valerie Portny says the owner needs the proceeds from this sale to buy another place. The asking price was sliced two days ago by $105,000, which also means you won’t have to pay the one percent mansion tax.

S. Jhoanna Robledo

East End Two-Bedroom Is Ripe for the Plucking